2 Ways You Dump on Your Blog

Your blog is not a dumping ground.

I nabbed the idea for this post after seeing the dog and kitty we’re watching here in Thailand….honoring….nature. Nature calls. We all answer.

But I pondered many bloggers whose blogs become dumping grounds to low quality guest posts and comments.

I get it; if new, getting any blog post or comment feels amazing. No blogging ghost town. Woohoo! But before celebrating, get clear on your blog. Do you want to hurt your reputation? Even worse; do you want to have a hellish time moving up in blogging circles?

No way Zac asks me to guest post on Blogging Tips if I accepted low quality guest posts and approved spammy comments on my blog because doing so would make it look bad for his blog and brand.

You move up in blogging circles and become successful by impressing people with your blog, not by turning them off.

Being picky is not really being picky; clarity thing.

You know what you want and clearly release any blog comment or guest post outside of those parameters

Follow these tips to avoid making your blog a cyber dumping ground.


Watch the video from Thailand as I discuss this topic.

1: Low Quality Guest Posts

I no longer accept guest posts on Blogging From Paradise.

But even if I did accept guesties I’d turn down 8 of 10 guest post requests flowing my way.

Re-reading a few emails from prospective guest posters reveals said guest posters had a poor grasp on the English language. Or maybe they plum cannot write.

I am not a Grammar Obsessed blogger – known, by now – but clearly know what qualifies for Blogging From Paradise ready posts.

Never accept low quality guest posts on your blog just because someone reaches out looking for placement. Have posture. Be clear. Reject all requests unless the topic and quality aligns perfectly with the vision you have for your blog.

Darren Rowse at Pro Blogger accepts only high quality guest posts.  Peep his blog for examples of what to accept guest posting wise.

2: Low Quality Comments

I approve 2 in 10 comments on Blogging From Paradise.

8 of 10 comments are outright spam at worst, or at best, inauthentic comments not deserving to appear on my blog.

Getting comments published on any blog is a privilege because the blog owner shares their cyber platform with you, permitting you to appear on their blog through the comments field.

Do not approve any comment obviously designed to get a quick backlink. You know what I mean; comment drive-by’s.

Here is one example I fished from my blog spam queue right now.

Approving these comments invites spammers to flood your blog with similar, non genuine, spammy comments. Do not approve any comment unless the blogger shares value.

Bonus point; only approve comments containing your name when said comment flows from a new reader. In rare cases you’ll score a genuine comment from someone who avoids using your name. In most cases, not personalizing comments red flags the offering as spam if it seems inauthentic.

General Dumping Issues

Never dump non-aligned, low quality, cheesy looking advertisements on your sidebar just to make money. Cheap-looking ads scare off readers and lead to cheap results.

Share quality images on your blog. Either invest in a good camera if you are travel blogging as I tend to do or find quality pictures on free image sharing sites.

Pay for a premium theme. Convey a positive brand image.

Your Turn

Have you dumped on your blog in the past?

Do you accept and approve only high quality guest posts and comments on your blog?

Do you need to improve your blogging posture?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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