Have You Really Thought through Your Blog Marketing Strategy Intelligently?

Bangkok street stall and intelligent blogging?

Blogging lessons smack you upside your head all day long.

Tune into successful tips by observing life around you.

Today I landed in Bangkok Thailand. My wife flew from NYC to BKK via an 18 hour flight. Our arms were tired.

Anyway, I snapped images as we cruised around the streets today.

One such image involved a dude selling sugary sweet drinks. You see it above. The artificial numbers taste good from what I’m told and are hella popular in Thailand.

My buddy and uber successful internet marketing mentor Alonzo Pichardo noted something about the above photo. The vendor made a big league mistake. I see similar mistakes made by street vendors all over Thailand.

The dude sells sweet drinks outside of a McDonald’s. Not good. McDonald’s sells sweet drinks. The billion dollar brand offers similar fare to his small brand. Even though drinks differ, why dream of competing against McD’s in any way? If you have not billions to spend on your business step away from billion dollar empires and sell in areas sans billion dollar business brands.

Of course when I walked by this street vendor he hard pitched me to visit his stall. Classic approach by folks who don’t think through their street stall marketing strategy. Meanwhile, other vendors attract a steady flow of customers if they think through their marketing approach.

Alonzo is a smart dude; successful entrepreneurs tune into this stuff immediately. The analytical mind never shuts off. Which is why I write posts like this when most humans would be sleeping off jet lag after traveling for 30 plus hours from NYC to Bangkok.

But his point is dead on and leads to the pressing question: have you thought through your blog marketing strategy?

Most Bloggers Do Not Think this Through

My wife Kelli and I joke about silly pitches we receive. A few days ago some woodworker filled my contact form with a business pitch. Like he/she would find blog readers and woodwork customers by filling contact forms attached to blogging tips blogs.

No thinking happening there. Or, fear-based thinking.

Few bloggers think through:

  • how to market their blogs
  • where to market their blogs
  • why they are marketing their blogs

But the few thinkers out there have no issues marketing their blogs because they spent a few minutes in a quiet room to target their campaign effectively.

How to Market Your Blog

Market other bloggers in your niche.

Note how I mentioned Alonzo in this post. He is a dear friend and trusted online resource. He also has a following that seems to mirror One Direction’s rabid fan base in terms of size, scale and loyalty.

Since he helps you guys and is a good friend I happily mention his advice and link into his blog above. This is how friendships form; promoting other bloggers through blogs and social media.

As friendships form all types of juicy marketing opportunities arise for you and your blog. Joint partnerships. Interviews. Features. But you don’t market other bloggers to get. You market to give, and then, to keep giving and helping.

The Thinking Process

Most bloggers stop thinking the moment after they take care of themselves. The masses copy and paste their latest blog post to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. After that, they bail. This is why bloggers fail. No thinking.

A select few bloggers think beyond their own survival, serving other people instead. They think about the benefits of serving people and making friends with influential bloggers from their niche.

These thinkers become blogging leaders because they waste zero time marketing their blog to non targeted parties. Leading bloggers build bonds with other leading bloggers.

Leading bloggers also use hashtags and help folks in targeted communities on Facebook and Google Plus, serving without demanding anything in return, growing targeted tribes like that of Alonzo.

Your Turn

Are you thinking through your blog marketing campaign?

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