How to Get through Strength Sapping Blogging Dry Spells

So you have blogged for 5 months.

You followed practical advice from pro bloggers.

But when you check your blogging income streams you see 0.

A big fat goose egg.

Being in this spot feels crippling. I know. I was in the boat for a minute.

Seeing little or any progress after weeks or months feels deflating.

Like watching the air exit a balloon.

I eventually learned the way out though.

I figured out how to develop passion, patience and persistence, which helped promote my blogging success.

Today you will figure out how to get through the blogging dry spells that sap your strength.

Those periods where:

  • blog traffic seems to come to a stand still
  • blog profits vanish
  • blog comments seem to be as frequent as when Haley’s Comet blows through
  • blog social shares evaporate

If you’re noting lack you need to do 1 thing: see the floods.

See the Floods

Floods are the opposite of dryness.

Think Sahara Desert. Then think Costa Rica jungle.

I lived in a remote Costa Rica jungle for 6 weeks. After spending time in SE Asia for many years I have seen heavy monsoon rains during the wet season in places like Bali and Thailand. But I never saw rain fall in such torrents as I did in the deep jungles of Costa Rica.

One time it rained for 2 days straight, with massive downpours occurring here and there during the 48 hour time frame. Jungle streams which previously reached only my ankles suddenly approached my hips, a dangerous roaring rapids that almost swept me and my wife away.

Talk about flooding, or an abundance of water.


This is the buzz word.

Before you bemoan having little blog traffic, sit with the fears and feelings of lack, for a moment. Embrace the crappy feelings. Not fun, but necessary. Then shift your attention from the dry season or drought to the floods, or abundance of your blogging career.

See your wins, like:

  • buying your domain and hosting
  • writing and publishing 1 or 10 or 50 posts
  • any social shares you have received
  • any blog comments you have received
  • any blogging income you have received, even if pennies
  • any blog traffic you have received

Celebrating pennies made through blogging literally sends out a signal: this blogger likes money. As more people become aware of this signal you generate money-making ideas, you form profitable blogging partnerships and you do the creating and connecting necessary to build a profitable blog.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Pro bloggers celebrate all blogging wins, however seemingly small, seeing abundance them.

Amateur bloggers see lack, limitation, struggle and all manner of dry spells, perpetuating their struggles and adding to their word load, all because they refuse to be grateful for all the victories and abundance around them.

What If You Have Been Blogging for Months and See Literally No Results?

If you have blogged for 3-6 months and have seen literally no blog traffic or comments you are following terrible advice and/or you are not befriending top flight bloggers by commenting on their blogs and by promoting them.

Connect with these top bloggers. Promote them on social media, feature them on your blog and comment genuinely on their blogs:

Learn from the pros.

The pros know how to help you build successful blogs and these folks will also help you get your mindset right for becoming a pro blogger.


Watch me as I discuss how to shift from the blogging drought to blogging abundance.

Not as many cat sightings today, which is weird.

Programming note; my Facebook Live Broadcasts will go live during the evening, Eastern Standard Time in the United States next week, going forward.

My wife Kelli and I will be flying to Thailand.

Don’t worry; we’re taking a plane to save our arm strength.

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