18 Places Where to Find and Join Blogging Communities

Places Where to Find and Join Blogging Communities

Blogging communities are groups that are united by their blogging experience. This is aside from sharing at least one point of interest or goal, which can be gleaned from their primary blog topic.

Why join these communities?  Newbie bloggers get the most benefit from participating in these blogging groups. These communities expand a blogger’s network, help raise a blogger’s profile, and increase blog traffic by increasing content sharing and engagement. They’re also a great resource for bloggers, with many having useful content on blogging tips and tricks.

“Blogging at its heart is interactive,” says Jason Chow in his blogging guide. “You write a blog post, and people comment on it. This is a great way to connect with people who are interested in the same things as you are. Blogging allows you to teach these people based on your experience, and it gives you the opportunity to learn from your readers as well.”

Joining these communities is easy, where often you’re only required to submit your blog and wait for it to get approved.

Once you get listed, be active in the forums, and reach out and form relationships with other bloggers.

Start exploring these communities to build a network of bloggers who will support you in achieving your blogging goals.

Here are some blogging communities you can join:


  1. Blog Lovin’

This is easily one of the most popular blogging communities among lifestyle bloggers, with categories like Fashion, Beauty, Home Decor, Crafts, Family and Fitness, Wedding, etc. Like your favorite social media network, it lets you follow, like and share with other readers the blogs that you love. Blog Lovin is a visual delight, relying heavily on images to attract blog readers.

  1. Blogarama

Claiming itself as the oldest blog directory, Blogarama has moderated blog listings. It has premium and business packages where bloggers can advertise each of their posts.

What makes it unique is its job board. In it, bloggers can look for work from home positions, and business can look for bloggers to hire.

  1. Blog Hub

Blog Hub is a simple blog search engine with an active bloggers forum. The site prominently features topics on the latest movies and music, and on dating and relationships. There’s a link for recently added bloggers on the network.

  1. Blogville

In Blogville, your blog is placed not just in one category. Instead, you can tag your blog with several keywords that are relevant to your blog. It also has an Editor’s Choice section showing blogs personally reviewed and recommended by the site’s editors.

  1. Bloggernow

With an extensive listing of categories and subcategories, Bloggernow is for people who loves to read about random topics. There’s Science, Sports, Religion, Politics, Law, Philosophy, Technology and so much more. It even includes blogs in foreign languages.

  1. Blogs Collection

Aside from grouping blogs by topic, Blogs Collection also categorizes blogs by country of origin. It ranks the top 100 blogs with the most number of hits and the Top 100 countries and states by the number of its blogs. Great for connecting with bloggers from your own country or state.

  1. Bloggeries

Bloggeries is a paid blog directory with an attractive homepage that’s easy to navigate. It has a clean, professional appearance that’s unlike most directories that users clutter with links. Get your blog listed at $75 a year.

  1. Blogflux

Currently, with a listing of 157,056 blogs, Blogflux is a blog directory that also shows local business listings (Yellow Pages) of major cities in the United States and Canada. You can browse blogs by tags, language, and country.

  1. Bloggernity

Bloggernity is a bloggers forum and directory with many active members on its roster. Interestingly, it shows Spam-O-Matic Statistics, indicating that the site does not tolerate submissions that don’t provide value to users.

  1. Globe of blogs

Billing itself as “Like the Google for Blogs,” Globe of Blogs features popular blog categories such as Food, Fashion, Family, Wellness, Entertainment, Design and Advice from experts. The top page features trending and popular stories.

  1. Loadedweb

Its homepage shows Loadedweb United States, but it also includes blog directories from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. This site is indeed loaded, as it also contains a business directory and Twitter directory.

  1. Regator

Find high quality, topical content on the internet on Regator. More than just a blog directory listing, you can do other stuff on this site. Aside from the usual search and browse functions of other blog directories, here you can also view trends, track keywords, as well enjoy audio and video, all on one platform.

  1. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a popular content curation platform where millions have published content. It has free and premium pricing models. Upgrading to premium gives you features that make it easy for you to build a professional brand.

  1. Spread My Blog

If you’re an old-school, pen and paper type of writer, you’ll appreciate the design of Spread My Blog. With its blue horizontal lines spanning the entire width of the page, the site resembles a ruled writing pad.

Every time you reload the page, the site will show you links to 50 random blogs. You also get to vote for the blogs that you like.

  1. Blogit

Blogit is “The Online Writers Marketplace.” It’s a subscription-based platform where readers can search, browse and subscribe to blogs. Meanwhile, its writers earn money when someone reads their work.

  1. Blogadr

Blogadr is an excellent directory that sorts out blogs by topic and by country. Check out the Resources section where you can find tutorials on WordPress, Paypal, Zencart, etc.

  1. Blog Catalog

Bloggers on this network feature articles offering insight, advice, and humor on different topics spanning every age, interest, and expertise.

  1. Blog Top List

Check out this blog directory that assigns a score for each blog based on its unique visitors for the week. While Indonesian blogs top the rankings, the site also has a counterpart site in Swedish.


There are many blog communities out there. Explore these communities not just for blog promotion, but with a spirit of learning and sharing. Find your little corner on the internet where your audience can hear your voice and like-minded bloggers find you. Learn together and build bridges to connect your different worlds.

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