What Is the Best Blogging Tip for Saving Your Time?

A select few bloggers run thriving, profitable blogs and enjoy a rich life offline too.

How do these rare species do it?

Bloggers who save a max amount of time do 1 thing, so they do the 1 thing well, so they speak to 1 core, targeted reader, so they can see success in less time.

The best blogging tip for saving your time is to cover only 1 niche through your blog.

Lose Focus Waste Time

Sifting through a few blogs recently I was floored by the volume of unclear, non focused, struggling bloggers covering 3 or more niches. Or, attempting to cover 3 or more niches.

This strategy wastes your time – in addition to confusing your readers and yourself – because each blog post covering a different niche adds extra time for readers to get to know you.


Imagine if I publish a post about blogging tips today. Great. I am a blogging tips blogger to you. Kewl beans (Do people say this anymore?).

Next week I publish a post about how to clean up after your dog. What? You thought I posted on blogging tips. Oh well; a bit weird, but perhaps you will enjoy my dog dukey cleaning posts. But you need to take time to get to know me as the dog dirt removal guy.

3 weeks down the road I publish an affiliate marketing themed post. Confusing! What do I do? How can I help you? Where do I specialize? Now you take even more time to get to know me as the affiliate marketing guy. But I also share dog care tips and blogging tips too.

Eventually you will just follow a blogging tips blogger for blogging tips, and if you need dog car or affiliate marketing tips you will follow a dog care blogger and affiliate marketing blogger. The world loves specialists. Generalists? Not really.

Time Saver

Imagine if I just blogged on blogging tips. Quickly, and easily, you would perceive me as a blogging tips guy. My clarity goads you to see me as a blogging tips blogger. I gain a follower, fan, and perhaps loyal minion. I probably inspire you to buy a few of my blogging eBooks on Amazon too.

The point is that doing 1 thing only on your blog is the ultimate time saver because experts grow followings and see greater success more quickly than generalists. By doing 1 thing you do the 1 thing well more quickly than bloggers trying to do 2, 3 or 10 things well.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention and energy to 1 niche and that niche grows quickly, as does your blog and as does the acceleration of your success.

Still Takes Time Though

Just because focusing on 1 blog topic saves you time means not the blogging journey to success will be in minutes or weeks. Even if you cover 1 topic it takes years to become successful in any blogging niche because you need to learn blogging, practice writing, create helpful content and build meaningful connections to succeed online.


Take a look at Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

Is there any doubt as to the 1 thing he does and how it benefits you?

This is 1 reason why Pat has become so successful; he did 1 thing well from early on in his online career, and his success accelerated.

Wandering Earl is another great example of a blogger who does 1 thing and does it really well.

Stop by his blog for a bit and you quickly see; Derek is a travel blogger who helps you reach your travel goals. All his posts and pages reflect the 1 niche.

Again, this is a massive time saver because his readers need not take time to re-connect with him after every blog post, knowing he will help them with their travels.


Watch my Facebook Broadcast video to see me flesh out this concept:

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