Why Does Detaching from Online Channels Boost Your Blog Profits?

This morning I received an email from the Huffington Post.

Contributor accounts are being closed as we speak. No more guest posting on HP for me.

I have loved the ride. 500 plus guest posts later I feel good. Even if I wrote and published 1 guestie on the network I would feel good.

As many bloggers likely bemoan the fact that they won’t post on HP anymore – some complaining or whining or fretting opportunity lost – I did not give it a second though. I just uploaded my morning Facebook Live Broadcast on Medium instead of doing so on HP.

Easy peasy.

Here is the video:

Moving from one closed channel – or one channel you outgrew – to the next one simply opens you up to opportunities for profiting. While most folks attach to one channel and cling to it even after the channel closes, your abundant, detached energy will shine brightly in your blogging niche.

You can also assess the closed channel in the light of truth.

I do appreciate the opportunity I received to be a contributor at the Huffington Post. I also know the news platform over there has largely evolved into constant fighting and bickering between political factions in the United States. All well and good if you love fighting and bickering but I could do without seeing the trending headlines on the sidebar each time I publish a new guest post, and certainly, I will likely never visit the website again.

The Huffington Post did me a favor. I am saying that from a grateful, honest, non bitter way; I was due to release the platform soon but needed a little nudge to move in the right direction.

Greater Blogging Profits

If you were Huffington Post contributor, maybe you can take the energy you devoted to write a few guest posts on Huff Po each week and devote this energy to writing and publishing your first eBook. Maybe you can create your first blogging course. Or perhaps you can increase posting frequency on your blog. Perhaps you can just pull back and chill a bit, feeling overworked, de-energized and burned out.

When you let go and feel better, the better feeling actions you take lay the foundation for a more profitable blogging campaign since money tends to respond nicely to energized, generous, creative, prolific bloggers.

Listen to your intuition. Honor that feeling. Let go the old, worn out channel – even if you became heavily attached to this stream – and you will find new, exciting, fun channels through which to express your time and talents so you can assist your readers.

What Calls?

Maybe a podcast is calling you.

Perhaps more Facebook Live Broadcasts await you.

Maybe you can spend more time on a specific social network you have been neglecting.

Or perhaps you can start a vlog, as this helpful resource from Harsh Agrawal at Shout Me Loud explains:

Starting a Vlog

Let go.


Being nimble helps you outshine the masses of rigid, fearful bloggers in your niche who crave living in their comfort zones and who feel terrified to wander outside of their comfort zones into new, exciting, fun, and sometimes scary activities.

Newsflash; engaging in those activities is exactly where the money is.

How to Spend New Found Time in Prospering Fashion

I will promote more bloggers through different mediums, including guest posts, on Medium itself and through other channels. Since an energetic weight has been lifted I feel inspired to be generous, helpful and to have fun in the process.

Whatever floats your cyber boat, of course.

Your Turn

How are you detaching from blogging income streams or from marketing channels online?

What tips can you share with us?

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