1 Mindful Activity for Getting Unlimited Blog Post Ideas on Tap

I sometimes write 5 guest posts daily.

In addition to the 5 guesties I write my blog post for Blogging From Paradise 3 times weekly plus I engage in an authentic blog commenting campaign.

Easily, I write thousands of words daily. Not because I force things. Not because I work my rear end off.

I write like a champion because I access unlimited blog post ideas.


I am an observer.

I filmed a short video on Facebook this morning describing the activity in detail.

Watch and enjoy:


Being an observer means getting out of your head with its limiting beliefs, writer’s block, and all fear-based barriers to blog post ideas.

Being an observer means learning how to slow down, calm down and watch the world around you.

My two favorite activities for improving my ability to observe: yoga and meditation. I find both daily rituals expand my awareness so I can see everything going on around me.


5 minutes ago I shared a video with a friend. The video involved a guy punching a kangaroo in his face to save his dog, since the roo could easily disembowel the dog with its powerful claws. Most folks would chuckle as I did and leave it at that. Since I am an observer I could turn the video into a blog post idea.

I roll like that.

Being an observer reveals to you how every moment can potentially be a blog post idea, giving you access to unlimited blog post ideas. Although you tend to stick to the traditional topics addressing specific blogging needs, like boosting your blog traffic or increasing your blogging profits, bloggers who do a fine job watching life unfold around them can spot and turn any moment into a blog post.

This talent needs to be honed over time. Patience, practice and mindfulness is the 3 headed monster that makes you an observer.

While most bloggers complain of writer’s block you will have no issues turning any situation into a blog post that teaches a blogging lesson or series of blogging lessons.

As I observe my cat Molly Muffins on my bed I can easily cover the topic “7 Blogging Lessons I Learned from My Cat Molly Muffins”. Molly Muffins is her street name. Molly is her actual name. I would then dive into a few core concepts like:

  • be detached (Molly is attached to nothing, and you should be attached to little, to promote your blogging success)
  • make hay while the sun is shining (Molly goads me for food at dinner time nightly, knowing its time to eat, and bloggers should be on the ball during specific times of year when buyers are especially on the prowl, like Black Friday, etc)
  • Go for what you want (be clear on your blogging calls to action like Molly is clear when she demands food from me nightly, being as subtle as heart failure when she stares at me for literally 30 minutes sometimes, instilling an unnerving feeling in me)

These are a few ideas I conceived now because I am observing Molly’s habits and drawing analogies between her behaviors and successful blogging lessons.

Being a watcher or observer requires you to get the hell off of your phone, to unplug, to sit in a quiet room and to watch what is happening around you in the moment. Eventually, you can recall past situations with vivid clarity, almost like a time traveler, observing what happened and how to turn it into a blog post idea.

You remember the stressed blogger in the comments section of a well known blogging blog sharing their struggles with writing an attention grabbing blog comment and decide to craft a blog post on how to drive traffic with blog comments. Or perhaps you recall the bloggers from that Facebook Group complaining about how they can best handle spam comments and you decide to share 5 tips for managing comments on a busy blog.

Unlimited blog post ideas find the hyper aware blogger who sits back, relaxes and watch blogging stories, ideas, lessons and tips unfold before them.

Be a watcher.

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