How to Skillfully Create Traffic Driving Blog Comments from an Intelligent Space

Effective blog commenting is hands down the most powerful way for a new blogger to make a big splash as a relative unknown.

Few barriers to entry on this one; if you stay out of spam folders you can:

  • befriend big dawg bloggers
  • drive blog traffic
  • grow your email list

But you need to do it effectively to reap those sugary sweet rewards.

Genuine blog commenting = effective blog commenting.

I am a big fan of authentic blog commenting because when you comment from the heart, genuinely wanting to establish friendships with fellow bloggers, you do things from a generous, abundant energy. This is the exact energy you want to cultivate to do blog commenting right.

I have noted before how genuine blog commenting helped open the door for my guest posting gig here on Blogging Tips. Ditto on guest posting gigs through other rocking blogging tips themed blogs, all of which have helped grow my blog traffic and profits over the long haul, big-time.

Unfortunately, most bloggers blog mainly from an energy of fear so they do stuff from an unintelligent space, ruining their reputation with spammy, 1 line comment drive-by’s that wind up in spam folders and guarantee that bloggers never gain traction with blog commenting.

Screen share alert!

I recorded a nifty little screen share video to help you see exactly how to create traffic driving blog comments.

Click the Play button and enjoy:

Start with a Hi

Address your fellow blogger properly. Say “Hello” to add a polite touch to genuine blog comments.

This little word opens doors you could never imagine because polite, pleasant bloggers stand out big-time from the masses of bloggers who give little thought to being pleasant, or polite.

A tiny little “hi’ takes all of a split second to share but the returns are tremendous. Even if you do not pen a comment masterpiece you will get your foot in the door and make a solid impact with this powerful word.


Personalize all blog comments.

Your name is likely one of the best sounding words in your native language. People care about people who care enough about them to use their names, because it shows you took a second or 10 seconds to find and use the blogger’s first name, which takes some thought.

Again, personalizing comments makes you stand out from the crowd of hurried, ineffective, less mindful bloggers who rush through blog commenting, missing the opportunity to make a real impact.

Get Meaty

Get meaty or go home.

Write meaty, in-depth, valuable comments to drill your point home.

Impress your blogging buddies by adding immense content to their blog posts. Yes; comments are content. Each comment literally adds content to a blog post, potentially positioning the post higher in search engines and adding social proof to the blogger’s cyber street cred.

I am over the moon – aka happy – any time I see an in-depth, thorough, genuine comment on my blog.

Blogging From Paradise has netted almost 9,000 comments as of this date. Many of these comments are thorough, in-depth numbers, no doubt helping me place well on Google for a number of keywords related to blogging.

Sign Off

Thank your fellow blogger.

Sign off with your name to add a personalized touch to the comment.

These seemingly tiny details make a huge difference as bloggers who go the extra foot really go an extra mile in other blogger’s eyes.

Your Turn

Are you following these tips to do blog commenting right?

What tips can you add to this list?

How are you blog commenting to drive traffic and profits through your blog?

Please post a comment below to share your thoughts.

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