40,000 Plays in 3 Weeks and the Power of Detachment with Your Blog

I often share how falling in love with the process of blogging and giving little thought to outcomes creates astounding success over the long haul.

Case in point; a few moments ago I was offered an opportunity to co-promote an affiliate venture. I turned down the opportunity because the ad copy on the sales page was all about money, including big figures.

I do not care much about outcomes. But I do love the process of teaching people how to succeed online.

Most bloggers would hop at the opportunity as a chance to make money because most bloggers attach heavily to outcomes.

I am not most bloggers.

I am pretty detached.

As is my friend and rocking online entrepreneur Alonzo Pichardo.

Our online success chats are sprinting towards a quarter of a million views on YouTube which is astounding but our test podcast has seen jaw-dropping plays.

Here is the show if you haven’t listened yet:

As of this writing, the podcast has received:

  • 40,000 plays

on Sound Cloud.

Technically it is not a podcast yet. No worries; the site and podcast will go live soon.

But I wanted to take a moment to show you the miraculous power of detachment and how it creates stunning success for your online business.

No Expectations

Neither Alonzo and I had any expectations when we started these success chats months ago.

We primarily wanted to share helpful content to assist people in succeeding online.

More than that, we wanted to help folks avoid all the bull crap and various information spread by fearful, greedy or outright desperate marketers that litters the blogging and internet marketing worlds.

The energy precedes the outcomes, every time.

40,000 plus plays in 3 weeks is a sign we were almost completely detached, relaxed, and creating this series for a higher level reason, versus to get views or to cash in.

 Be Authentic

Listening to the chat, it is just 2 guys talking about how to be successful online.

We literally keep it real by chatting about the fundamentals of building a thriving online business, the right way, patiently learning a skill, being generous and persisting through thick and thin.

Being authentic is another detaching factor. Instead of trying to get stuff or manipulate people you just offer no BS, helpful advice, to inspire individuals.


Alonzo and I do have large, loyal tribes. We have been at this game for 10 years. He has an even more responsive tribe than mine because I struggled for a bit earlier during my career.

Either way though you see the leveraging effect of 2, established heart-centered online entrepreneurs getting together for a great cause; empowering new and struggling online entrepreneurs to grow their ventures the right way.

As for the above podcasts/chat, minus a quick Huffington Post guestie I published, we did little sharing. I did not spend 15 hours a day promoting the podcast. No did Alonzo. More like 5-10 minutes, if that.

The Secret to Big Numbers Online

Whether through your blog or business site, here are a few keywords to focus on, to see big numbers online over the long haul:

  • passion
  • loving energy
  • detachment
  • service
  • patience (years of learning, practicing, creating and relationship-building)
  • help for free (a big one)
  • heart-centered partnerships

Ya gotta get really, really, really good at what you do to see big numbered results, and being detached from the big numbered results is a prime step so few bloggers take.  You develop the skills to get good enough where 20,000 or 30,000 or 40,000 want to listen to what you have to say after years of diligent practice, honing your craft.

Again; I turned down the affiliate opportunity this morning in a split second. I care not about making money. I care about having fun, spreading love and only promoting what I feel clear on.

Sure I sell 170 plus products on Amazon and offer various products and services. But I know that as I keep helping people generously and building bonds, money will continue to flow through those channels, without me obsessing over any one income stream and how much money I make through any or all channels.

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