1 Relating Blogging Tendency to Avoid if You Struggle Horribly with Your Blog

I wrote a heart felt post this morning on Facebook.

Turns out, I struggled mightily with my blog in the past.

I had a tough time driving traffic and profits through my blog.

Even amid the success that I experience today I sometimes doubt myself. Even a teeny bit.

Every human being doubts themselves sometimes. It is called “being human.”

I wrote about some doubts I have here and there on Facebook. Toss in some issues I had in the past, and I count it to be an inspiring post.

But I want to add something important for struggling bloggers who may nod, who may relate to this post and who make an energetic error that holds them back from moving up in blogging circles.

Most Readers Were Broke!

Back in the day I had a tough time blogging. Traffic seemed scarce. Profits? Nope. I was in a bad way, for years.

Turns out, most people who:

  • commented on my blog
  • emailed me with questions
  • admired me
  • read my blog

related to me and my struggles, when I shared said struggles. When I shared wins, folks admired me, putting me up on some type of pedestal. But the losses really resonated with them. Of course they would relate to me; they were struggling bloggers.

We all shook our heads. We could feel each other’s pain.


I’m human to them, right? Good thing.

Right up until the moment arrived when it was time for them to spend money through my blog.

I found out many struggling bloggers were broke! Who’d a thunk it, right?

Not exactly ideal customers or clients, many of these folks were.

In truth though, some struggling bloggers did freely spend money while visiting my blog, which helped me stay afloat, but something even worse happened: I did not connect with, befriend and impress influential bloggers who could easily leverage my presence and help me move up in blogging circles, expanding my success.

The Tendency to Avoid

Sharing your blogging struggles predominantly may help you relate to struggling bloggers. But a fair portion of these struggling bloggers are broke. Most struggling bloggers have little reach, and scant influence.

The tendency to avoid – especially if you are struggling horribly – is that people can only relate to you if you share your struggles.

This is entirely not true. 100% false, actually. Because if you hung out in higher blogging circles, you’d learn from successful bloggers, put their advice into action, see success, and when you shared your successes, successful bloggers would relate with you. Which is a good thing. Successful bloggers inspire you, uplift you, empower you, hire you, buy your stuff and expand your reach dramatically, helping you reach more folks.

Be Genuine But Never Level Down Energetically on a Predominant Basis

I am honest.

I am genuine.

Sometimes I share my struggles.

But I will never level down energetically to relate to people who are struggling horribly because doing so would sap me of my energy, my love, and my fun nature which makes me a dynamo in the first place.

Do you think Tony Robbins levels himself down energetically to connect with his following by predominantly sharing his struggles, his financial nightmares, his horrific childhood and all the obstacles he has overcome?

Hell no!

Tony mainly shares his wins because we all want to be winners, not losers.

We want someone who mainly shows us how to win, not how to lose.

Share a loss or two. Then share 100 wins. Teach people how to win through blogging, by sharing exactly what helps them build successful blogs.

Surround yourself with successful bloggers. Learn from them. Act inspired. Succeed. You will note more folks relating to you because of your wins, not losses, and you will leave your blogging struggles behind for good.


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