1 Blogging Buzzword for 2018


Most of you know that this blogging buzzword is becoming more accepted every day.

Being open transparent helps you gain your reader’s trust.

But 2018 marks the beginning of a new type of transparency.

2018 won’t be mainly about sharing what you make.

2018 will be about sharing what you know.

Anybody can make up income claims. A little skill and a lot of bravado may goad a desperate or outright greedy blogger to whip up income claims not entirely consistent with their income. Some bloggers may earn the claim, literally, but because they charge their true income claims with a fear-based, desperate energy, scare off money.

You can make up income claims but you cannot make up or lie about what you know.

Check out the Sound Cloud chat I had with my friend Alonzo Pichardo:

After only 1 week the show has registered over 21,000 plays.

That is some serious listening, folks.

People are enjoying our full transparency in sharing what we know.

Alonzo and I did not share a 20 second snippet promising the world then directing viewers to a squeeze page. We took an hour of our time to give people the fundamentals of how to build a successful online business the right way.

No shortcuts. No smoke and mirrors. No lying, or trumped up claims.

We showed people what we know in generous, authentic fashion.

Going forward, more bloggers will learn that the best way to succeed is to give away the farm, but to simply charge for a few items while gifting the farm. Maybe you can charge for the tractor, and also factor in a residual payment when the farmer who bought your farm comes to market every year.

See how nicely that works?

Your generosity helps you make more and more money over the long haul.

You help people generously for free, being fully transparent in showing them how to build a successful blogging business, then these people can turnaround to follow your advice to build a thriving online business over years.

Your free giving set it all in motion. All because you refused to hold back, or to be stingy with your online knowledge.

This is the ultimate form of being transparent.

It is OK to share your success or your income but make your blogging campaign 99% about teaching people how to earn money online and 1% talking about your earnings, if that.

How to Be Fully Transparent

Enjoy this fabulous guide at WHSR:

How to Start a Blog (Step-by-Step Newbie Guide)

See how generously my friend Jerry Low lays out specifically how to start a blog from a newbie level for free?

This is being fully transparent; showing people in great detail how to succeed online for free.

Being this generous expands your online presence quickly, dropping value seeds all over your niche. Each planted seed grows slowly but steadily throughout your blogging niche, expanding your online presence exponentially over time.

Not solely showing what you make or earn – which can be manipulated easily, anyway – but showing how to succeed, this is the ultimate difference maker in succeeding online.

This is how Alonzo can hop on Sound Cloud with zero followers and gain 600 followers in a week. He has freely helped people succeed online for a decade, generously giving of his time and talents. When you do it right, success is yours.

This is how I have over 52,000 followers on Twitter. Over the past decade I have generously helped people on the platform, showing folks how to build a rocking blog, explaining how to do it in transparent manner.


Watch this video as I discuss the true meaning of transparency.

I get the point across looking like a guy ready to rob a bank. But you know what I am getting at by now. Or you should know.

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