2 Powerful Fundamentals to Thrilling Blogging Success

2 powerful – and to some quite secret – fundamentals promote your blogging success.

I learned of these concepts from blogging big dawgs.

After putting these ideas into practice for years things became easier for me, blogging-wise. Traffic and profits flowed to me. My reach expanded. Social shares and blog comments? Through the roof.

Follow these 2 fundamentals to rock out your blog to thrilling levels of success.

1: Giving Value Freely Increases Your Success

Thoughts offered freely multiply quickly, creating immense value in the niche through which the thoughts are offered.

Every valuable blog post or video or eBook offered freely is chock full of valuable thoughts.

Thrilling blogging success meets people who freely offer their time and talents to serve folks.

I write 1 travel page daily. I write 2-3 guest posts daily. 3 posts weekly on Blogging From Paradise? Check. I comment generously on top blogs from the blogging tips niche and help people freely through niche forums.

Giving value freely by simply sharing my thoughts has helped the value, and my thoughts to multiply through my blogging niche, resulting in increased success for me and greater service to readers.

Giving and losing are often falsely associated. As if when you give, you lost something. Not true.

When you give freely, the thoughts and value offered actually multiply at a swift pace, increasing your success. More people become aware of you, your blog and the value you have to offer.

Even if your blog traffic and blogging profits do not increase quickly in the beginning, continue to give freely for your success will expand as your thoughts and value multiply throughout your niche.

2: Detaching Largely from Outcomes Feels Great AND Multiplies Your Success

You may think I am nuts.

But I do not check metrics.

I do not check stats.

The last I checked, over a year ago, I had sold over 500 audio books passively.

Not sure where I am at now selling-wise but my reviews increased from virtually none to a handful during this time frame.

No biggie as my eBooks and audio books sell without getting many reviews. So with a higher volume of reviews I know more are selling.

Detaching largely from blogging outcomes helped me feel awesome and multiplied my success.

How it works: when you focus on giving (fundamental #1) the getting aspect of blogging is not too important to you. As the getting aspect becomes not too important, you detach from checking stats, or worrying about stats, or being curious about stats.

Falling in love with giving and detaching largely from stats accelerates your success over the long haul because when you give little or no thought to what you are getting, but focus heavily on giving, all that free giving and generosity nets you some super sweet getting.

I recall checking the Domain Authority of Blogging From Paradise – my blog – many many many months ago. 36, I believe.

Just for poops and giggles I accidentally stumbled upon my blog Domain Authority a month or so ago. 51.

I also noted 18,000 links in to BFP.



If you fall in love with giving and care little about blogging outcomes, the getting multiplies exponentially over the long haul. From traffic to money to social shares.


Watch this video to see me dive into the concept of fundamental #1: how giving freely multiplies your success because thoughts generously offered multiply exponentially.

I am sporting a Bob’s Big Boy type hair style.

Anyway, I explain and also, you shall see cats:


Your Turn

Do you follow these blogging fundamentals?

What fundamentals can you share with us?

Are you having a tough time trying to give freely and attempting to detach from outcomes?

Please share your thoughts in the comments field below.

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