3 Profit Boosting Blogging Tips Dripping with the Convenience Factor

profit boosting tips

5 minutes ago the UPS man knocked on the door.

Another Amazon package.

Amazon seems to visit our home daily. Or packages shipped from Amazon to the house.

Jeff Bezos is the richest man on earth because he created the most convenient store in human history. He created the most convenient service in human history. If you have access to the internet and a credit card, or a gift card, you can buy almost anything you want to buy in seconds and have it shipped to your front door.

The man boosted profits to such a level that he was briefly worth over $100,000,000 dollars earlier this year.

You too can boost your blogging profits by doubling down on your convenience factor.

1: Follow Up

Follow up with your readers.

Send reminder emails.

Call readers to action at the end of your blog posts.

Following up is an easy way to increase your blogging profits. Most people are busy. Sending another call to action to hire you or to buy your products simply goads busy folks to buy through the power of persistent.

Advertisers use this concept via commercials. You likely won’t buy the product after 1 commercial but 5 or 10 commercial replays later, the product grows on you. Sales flow in after repeated exposures to the good or service.

Your blogging profits behave similarly, growing slowly but steadily as you get clear on following up with your readers via your email newsletters and blog posts.

Do not be bashful.

I clearly remind my readers at least 3 times weekly via emails to buy my latest eBooks.

Wouldn’t you know that readers have thanked me for the reminders because they were busy and forgot to buy the eBook on the initial email?

Cut through any fears you cling to regarding annoying readers or blowing through your list. Said fears root themselves in the illusion of scarcity.

Simply let your intuition guide you. Does 2 or 3 follow ups weekly sound good? Maybe one reminder via its exclusive email – stand alone email – and 2 follow ups via a newsletter directing readers to your latest blog post plus the reminder.

2: Build Your Email List

List building is perhaps the most convenient form of marketing for both bloggers and readers.

Bloggers send newsletters quickly and easily to a large list of subscribers at the click of a button.

Readers get posts sent directly to their email inboxes for a quick, easy and seamless experience.

No bookmarking. No cruising Facebook. No searching for your latest blog post. Just an email alert, email open and one click later your reader can feast on your latest blog posts, products and services.

Build an email list by sharing value through your blog. Inspire people to sign up based on the value you bring to the table. Go the free giveaway route if that strategy resonates with you. Folks sign up for my list based on the free giveaways I have offered multiple times weekly since 2014; said free giveaways are called “blog posts.”

3: Partner with Convenient Digital Storefronts

Take a look at my eBooks:

Blogging From Paradise eBooks 

Click on any one of those eBook titles.

Visit Amazon.

Buy any of my eBooks – or audio books or paperbacks – with 1 click.

Can it get more convenient than that?

Self-publish eBooks on sites like Amazon. Or become an Amazon Associate.

Partner with digital storefronts that make it incredibly easy to buy your products.

Boost your blogging profits by making the buying project simple and convenient.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?


I explain the concept of why following up boosts your blogging profits quickly via this Facebook broadcast.

Hella convenient way for your readers to see your latest products or services too, especially when most folks maintain a busy schedule.

Click the play button and enjoy:


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