1 Simple Concept that Eventually Solves All of Your Blogging Struggles

I began my blogging work day at about 9:30 AM.

I created a Facebook Live Broadcast for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Fun video too; I fleshed out this very concept, for my readers.

Watch the video as I discuss:

I proceeded to check my email a few moments after creating the video.

After answering 2 questions to be featured in a round up – more service here – I read the remaining emails, responded accordingly and dove into publishing today’s blog post.

More service.

I emailed my list the latest blog post, one of my eBooks and the Facebook video.

I then wrote a neat travel page on my blog explaining what you should pack while trekking in a remote jungle.

A few years ago my wife and I lived in a remote jungle for 6 weeks, in Costa Rica. I learned a thing or 2 about what you need to bring to survive and thrive in the jungle.

More service.

One Huffington Post guest post and 2 blog comment responses later, here I am serving you. The HP post and comment responses were 2 forms of service as well.

You are seeing a pattern here. I hope.

Surrendering to service is a powerful blogging concept guaranteed to help ease your blogging struggles over the long haul.

Establish Connections

Each person you serve either 1 to 1 or through a leveraged setting sees you in a helpful light. Connections form between yourself and the readers who dig your service. These connections promote you, endorse you and buy your stuff or hire you. I noted how after reading a guest post I had placed on a rocking travel blog how one of my buddies bought a travel eBook of mine.

More service.

More sales.

All through the power of building connections, and of course, you build connections by surrendering to service.

How to Surrender to Service

Help people all day long through as many channels as possible.

Help people where folks from your niche hang out.

For example, a blogging tips blogger would help folks:

  • on the blogging section of Quora
  • on the Warrior Forum
  • on blogging themed Facebook Groups and Google Plus Communities
  • through their email
  • through social media messages and comments
  • through their blog
  • through guest posts
  • through blog comments

The list is limitless, although you would focus on a few core channels related to your niche to avoid being overwhelmed

Surrendering to service – by helping people without looking for anything in return – is the most direct way to appear to be all over the place in your niche, promoting your success.

Persistence is the difference maker as you surrender to service.

Note how I included “eventually” in the blog post title? Surrendering to serving human beings through your free and premium offerings is a most powerful blogging concept that works if you assist folks generously for years. Not for a week. Not for a month. I am talking about spending 5-7 days weekly generously serving people through multiple online streams related to your niche for years.

You will solve all of your blogging struggles through service because the reason why you lack blog traffic or blogging profits is because you are not giving freely enough. Free givers always succeed over the long haul because if you give freely, the getting (traffic and profits) occurs as freely over the long haul.

Fall in love with giving. Ponder how you can help people. Then….help people!

Newbie Bloggers

Newbie bloggers need to learn before they teach. Dive full bore into your blogging niche – as well as following a blogging tips mentor or 2 – to immerse yourself in blogging. Take notes. Study. Practice. Create.

Gain confidence and clarity so you too become a teacher who surrenders more deeply into service every single day.

Blogging struggles dissolve into generous service.

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