1 Accelerant to Blogging Success As You Enter the New Year

New bloggers tend to multiply around the New Year.

Excitement abounds among this set. Possibilities exist. Opportunities seem to multiply. Resolutions fuel folks on their journey, goading them to hop into the blogging game, especially if they are disgusted with their 9-5 job.

As a blogger with over a decade’s worth of experience online I offer both a warning and tip for accelerating your blogging success.

Understand that the energy and commitment that you put into blogging over the long haul is the prime indicator of how you will succeed.

Or in simpler terms: how much free giving you do determines the amount of your getting.

Happy, Top Earning Bloggers

I have observed happy, top earning bloggers. Online celebrities in their niche who earn the most coin – and who enjoy the ride – all put in 7 to 10 years of successful blogging activities or more. Most newbie bloggers put in zero years of successful blogging, choosing to do stupid stuff for weeks or even years, struggling and falling flat on their face in the process.

The accelerating factor that helps you make money through your blog and drive steady traffic through your blog is solely based on service. Or giving. Or:

  • learning blogging from pros
  • studying blogging from pros
  • practicing blogging
  • creating helpful content
  • connecting with top bloggers in your niche through genuine blog commenting and promoting these blogging dynamos

Each of these factors is a giving element. A serving element.

The more freely you give from a detached, generous space, not focusing on what you are getting from your giving, you accelerate your online success. But there is a catch.

The Tricky Catch

Accelerating your blogging success means succeeding in becoming a full time, pro blogger over 3 years instead of over 10 years. Or perhaps you will become a pro blogger in 2 and a half years versus taking 7 or 8 years.

Just because you are going quicker or leapfrogging the average blogger or cutting your learning curve, doesn’t mean you will defy the laws of blogging or cut out any step in the process.

“Quicker” does not mean “becoming a pro blogger in 3 months.”


“Accelerating” does not mean “6 figure earning blogger in 12 months.”

Virtually impossible, in almost all cases.

Even top bloggers like John Chow and Zac Johnson took many years to reach the 6 figure earning level. Building such scale takes 5 or even 7 years because human beings can only grow such large blogger friend networks and such massive value over a realistic, more extended time frame.

Before you go blogging nuts over major media outlet coverage of top bloggers who earn millions or who have millions of followers on social media you need to understand the rest of the story.

Those millions of dollars were earned by serving people for 7 to 10 years or longer in some cases.

I am writing these words on Christmas Day. I love blogging. This gig is about expressing my passion and service. But in the same regard I guarantee few bloggers on earth have:

  • published a blog post
  • written and published a travel themed page on their blogs
  • broadcast a live video on Facebook
  • written and published 2 guest posts
  • networked effectively

on Christmas Day.

This after being up at 2 AM on Christmas Eve writing my 5th blog post of the day, between guest posts, and posting to my blog, and sites like Medium.

I dig this gig; labor of love.

I also understand that generous, giving service rendered over years has been the key to me expanding my reach and earning greater and greater income through my blog.


Watch me discuss this concept via Facebook.

Keep an eye out for the rocking cats in the video, OK?


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