Have You Developed Blogging Mindfulness?

I wanted to switch things up today.

Time to go to an old school YouTube video.

I just spent a minute finding this blogging video to share:

The Facebook Live broadcast from this morning I filmed aligned with finding happiness in your life. Not exactly a blogging tips themed video.

I am mindful of the fact that the above video relates better to the blogging tips niche.

Adding that exotic flare – I filmed the video in Cyprus – does not hurt the post nor my brand either.

Mindfulness made it happen.

A few hours prior I referred one of my Facebook friends to a handful of my eBooks. Said buddy wanted to figure out how to live the traveling lifestyle that I live. I gladly shared a short answer. Linking to a few of my digital nomad eBooks made sense too. Share resources. Boost eBook profits. Win-win.

A bit prior I sent a Facebook friend who asked about how to write and sell eBooks a link to a blog post of mine. Said post explains how to successfully write and sell eBooks on Amazon.

Mindfulness goaded me to do so.

Because I am fairly mindful I see opportunities where other folks see annoyance. I see help where other folks see being bugged. I see sharing free value and premium value to boost blogging sales where other blogger see virtually nothing.

Being mindful is a critical blogging skill to develop. Mindful bloggers tweak their blogs to optimize sales and traffic.

2 weeks ago I noted how my email list grew little over the past months. I did not worry. But I did become mindful of the fact that I could simplify my opt in form copy. Trashing my pop up form felt good too.

I followed these steps. Immediately, my email list subscriber base increased. Mindfulness rules the day again.

Why Be a Mindful Blogger?

Mindfulness alerts you to opportunities for growth. Mindfulness alerts you to opportunities to solve problems.

Mindfulness helps you spot trends.

A few hours back I received royalty payments for my audio books. I subsequently decided to link to my iTunes and Audible libraries via my newsletter. On digging into my Audible library I noted a big rise in reviews. Years ago – the last time I logged into Audible – I recall seeing 2 reviews. Today I saw a bunch more.

Note; audio book sales have been virtually a completely passive income stream. Save 1 blog post I published promoting an audio book in 2014 I have never promoted these suckers. Years ago I had sold 500 almost entirely passively. I know I have sold quite a few more by now.

Knowing that my audio books are getting more pop, including reviews, I am mindful of the fact that I should be promoting these things frequently. The people have spoken. I shall give them more of what they want.

Being mindful just alerts you to where greater success lies for you as a blogger. Simple, right? But before you become more mindful consider a few practices to expand your mindfulness:

  • meditate daily
  • do yoga daily
  • breath deeply and deliberately a few times daily
  • slow down your blogging activities, mindfully observing your feelings

You will start to notice where you are messing up. Maybe you note where you can improve your blog. How can you get clearer? You will see.

All happens because you become more mindful of what is really going around around you.

Being mindful is the great truth serum. All the stuff you buried or ignored comes to the surface in a clear and obvious way.

I made many successful shifts blogging-wise by practicing mindfulness.

Before you become aware of what needs to change and how you need to change it, you need to be mindful of the change.

Expanding your awareness through the habit of being mindful is the quickest way to become aware of the change to be made.

I know you’re up for that.

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