7 Smart Tips to Become a Connected Blogger

I scanned my list of 126 eBooks this morning.

First up?

13 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle

If you are struggling to get connected with fellow bloggers, wondering why all the guest posting opportunities and features seem to be evading you, buy the eBook.

Anyway, I wanted to dissect the first 7 chapters of the eBook to help you make your blogger outreach campaign go.

Connected bloggers with loads of buddies succeed online, experiencing exponentially increasing blog traffic and sales.


Watch me discuss this concept; if you enjoy my talking head.

1: Embrace the Golden Rule

Be generous. Help bloggers. What do you want? Give it away, without asking for anything in return.

Adopt this mindset and you will become a blogger outreach pro.

My friend Elvis Michael embodies this concept beautifully. He comments on my blog, promotes me on social media and does so persistently, living the Golden Rule in an authentic way.

2: Promote Authority Bloggers Generously

Promoting authority bloggers freely lays the foundation for a strong blogger outreach campaign.

How it works: promote bloggers in your niche freely, across multiple platforms, without asking for anything in return. Friendships form. Your new blogging buddies tend to promote you, expanding your reach.

Most if not all of my blogging success flows through the generous promotions of my blogging buddies. Without my blogging friends I’d be publishing a cyber diary at Blogging From Paradise.

3: Comment Freely on Authority Blogs

Commenting freely on authority blogs:

  • helps you build bonds with top bloggers in your niche
  • boosts your blog traffic
  • increases your brand visibility

Blog commenting is a free, powerful way to bond with pros. Toss in the fact that few barriers to entry exist with blog commenting – write authentic comments to stay out of the spam queue – and you have yourself a super way to build your blogger outreach campaign on a proven method for befriending fellow bloggers.

4: Respond to Each Comment on Your Blog

Do you see how Donna Merrill responds to every comment on her blog?

She is the Queen of Blogger Outreach because Donna understands this: any dynamic outreach campaign is built on 1 to 1 human connections.

Build those bonds by responding to all comments on your blog. Turn readers into loyal fans. Turn loyal fans into brand advocates. Get connected and fall in love with the process. Treat every comment on your blog like pure gold. Every comment on your blog is pure gold.

5: Be Authentic

Check out Will Hatton.

He is as authentic as they come.

Study folks who are authentic, who blog from the heart, to embrace this quality in your being too.

Be you. Allow your voice to bleed through your blog. Stop putting on airs, or trying to wear different hats to appease different groups of people.


Like minded people will gravitate toward authentic bloggers, growing your network and enhancing your blogger outreach campaign.

6: Hop on Outreach Opportunities Quickly

Hop on blogger outreach opportunities quickly.

When Alonzo Pichardo asked me to chat with him on his YouTube channel I jumped all over it.

As of our 6th video, we have over 200,000 collective views.

Gobble up opportunities to co-create with successful bloggers. Quickly.

7: Learn from Outreach Dynamos/Masters/Jedi’s

Blogger outreach champions like Sue Slaght do a fabulous job publishing helpful content, promoting their fellow bloggers and helping folks in any way they can.

Follow Sue’s blog. Study how she has built a rabidly loyal blogging community. Observe how she comments on blogs and promotes fellow bloggers. Become a blogger outreach pro by watching pros in action.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

How are you supercharging your blogger outreach campaign?


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