How to Make Blogging Hard and How to Make it Easier

Recently I received 4 pitch emails in a row.

I just received another pitch email 5 minutes ago.

The recent pitch email was from a blogger asking me to guest post on my site. But the person said if I accepted sponsored posts they would be willing to pay money.

I quoted my sponsored post rate. The blogger came in about $500 below my sponsored post rate, complaining about having a tiny budget.

I noted how my rates are fixed and wished them the best.

Blogging is very hard for this individual. For good reason. Said blogger is doing unintelligent stuff hour after hour, day after day, struggling because they are not thinking through their campaign, and then, they lie and say that blogging is hard.

Blogging is not hard. Doing unintelligent things for months or years makes blogging hard. It is not blogging. It is the individual.

Why Blogging Feels Hard

This person had no idea that I accepted guest posts. I indicate nowhere on my site that I accept guesties, and of course; this is because guest posting is permanently closed on Blogging From Paradise.

This was mistake #1. Or, not intelligent move #1. Why would you send a blind email to someone when nothing on their blog indicates that they accept guest posts? Imagine making the same unintelligent mistake 500 times today, with other bloggers who never indicated that they accept guest posts, but whom you email anyway.

Of course blogging feels hard to these bloggers; they are doing silly, dumb stuff!

I quoted my sponsored post rate as a fixed, non-negotiable price.

The blogger – obviously not reading the word “fixed” explains how their budget is low, and sends me a dirt cheap price.

#1 – The unintelligent action of not reading the entire email wasted their time and my time. Not a smart move.

#2 – The individual wasted their time in trying to bargain – fixed rate is all I offer – and then, to top things off, they do the dumbest thing one can do when dealing with established pro bloggers; they offer a price so low that they ensure they will never be featured on a well read blog, in a million years.

Unintelligent mistake after mistake, not thinking things through.

I feel compassion for the blogger. They know not what they do. But the mistakes are not smart, and need to be addressed, for this blogger and the legions of struggling bloggers to succeed.

How to Make Blogging Easier

Blog your passion.

Patiently learn successful blogging strategies from heart-centered, established, pro bloggers. Buy their eBooks. Read their blogs. Study.

Practice blogging, from writing to creating videos.

Create helpful content. Connect with blogging leaders by commenting on their blogs and by promoting them, without looking for anything in return.

Follow these steps for years, and business will flow to you. You will be doing things from a fun, loving, intelligent space, blogging will get easier and easier, and you will be The Hunted, not The Hunter.


I filmed a video explaining this concept of doing smart stuff, and how it makes blogging easier, and how doing dumb stuff is the only reason why blogging feels hard over months and years.

Watch the video if you like cats, or me gabbing.

Your Turn

How are you making blogging easier?

How are you creating and connecting and practicing and serving?

Are you The Hunted? Or The Hunter?

Do you like my cats? Which one? Which ones?


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