1 Thing Struggling Bloggers Miss that Slows Down their Growth

Struggling bloggers seemingly miss one thing.

This is the very thing that would set them free.

If they had eyes to see it.

Watch the video as I explain this idea:

I linked to my 126 eBooks in the video description field.

Not like my eBooks are the end all be all. But in many ways, the eBooks are solutions to common blogging problems.

I cover simple, practical, powerful blogging tips through these reads. These simple, powerful, practical tips are the foundation upon which bloggers build successful blogs.

But struggling bloggers are often completely blind to such practical tips. The eBooks are literally right under their noses yet some bloggers who are having a terrible time trying to make progress online seem to ignore these helpful, obvious, clear solutions to their blogging problems.

Why Ignore the Obvious Solutions?

I sometimes scratch my head when folks who need help completely ignore help that stands right before their very eyes.

Struggling bloggers miss the solutions to their problems, even as the solutions seem to all but slap these folks upside their domes.

Even worse, some bloggers who are offered solutions in the forms of products, course, eBooks or audio books explain that they cannot afford a 2 dollar eBook that would help dissolve their blogging problems.

This seems like lunacy to me. At least until I revisit my lean blogging days. I then realize that I was in the same boat as these struggling bloggers, missing the products, the eBooks, the audio books and courses right before my very eyes and slowing down my blogging growth because I was blind to opportunities for study, learning and growth through these premium offerings.

The Solution

One solution exists to this pressing problem; to open your eyes and seize premium offerings for your growth you need to take off your negative, dour, dark set of glasses, formed by your fear-based beliefs.

I actually resisted growing an email list back in the day because I told myself I could not afford to use the service. Even though I could easily afford to drop money on an email service.

I told myself I did not have enough money to buy eBooks or courses or anything that would have dissolved my struggles if I dropped dough on these premium offerings and followed the steps offered by successful pro bloggers.

I eventually saw solutions before my eyes and seized these offerings by facing, feeling and releasing many of my deep fears related to blogging and life. I had to be with my fear of loss, my fear of failure and my fear of criticism before I could see and use the solutions offered to me.

In some cases, a simple blog post may do the trick. But in many cases, investing your money in a premium product or service is the way to solve your blogging struggles.

The only way you see the solution and pay for the solution is to clear deeply-helped fears that seemingly prevent you from seeing, seizing and using the solution. This fear-feeling process is not always pleasant. Sometimes, the feelings you experience while wading through your fears is flat out brutal.

At the end of the day though, the time and energy you willingly put toward facing, feeling and dissolving your fears helps you take off the negative glasses so you can seize and use rocking products and services that dissolve your struggles and accelerate your blogging growth.

Your Turn

Have you been struggling with your blog recently?

Have you been ignoring a premium solution that sits right before your very eyes?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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