Are you Prepared for the Upcoming Black Friday 2017

The good news is that Black Friday 2017 is still 10+ days away!

That means if you are reading this article today while I publish it – then you have just as many days on your hands to start preparing for this mega sales event.

Usually what happens is that we are too late to the party and can’t really make the most out of it – which was the main reason why I wanted this article out early this year.

Black Friday is huge and it gets stretched to the Cyber Monday, and for this entire weekend the sales and discounts continue to reach its peak. As bloggers and marketers, you want the slice of that pie.

Stop planning and research and simply dive in, get something out today – too much of planning and not taking action only wastes time. Do a landing page, write a blog post – start selling something now!

Here’s a 5 Step Guide to get started with Internet Marketing and make some cool dollars this Black Friday!

Black Friday 2017

Black Friday 2017

Step 1 – Research Your Products – I know it can be a bit surprising to see about researching products first, normally you buy your domain or think about your niche to start with, but that is a very wrong way of approaching things. The first step should always be about what you want to promote.

However, do note that Black Friday is nearly here and there isn’t time enough to create a domain and start working on it – your best option here is to start working on an existing domain.

You can use any affiliate platform for your research, there is simply no limits to shops that offers black Friday discounts, but let me take Clickbank as an example for this one. Now, let’s say your niche is health – it can be anything but I usually go for health niche because I always have a few health related blog laying around!

Step 2 – Keyword Research – This step is easy, don’t complicate it with too many tools. All you need is some related keywords around the product that you have chosen. Use tools like UberSuggest or simply search on Google to find some related keyphrazes. Then start noting them down on a notepad.

You need to write articles around those keywords – but before you start jumping, it is best that you know more about what the issues – what problems people are facing and how many of those problems and issues will your product solve.

For this, check people’s reviews of the product on Amazon, look up Quora on related questions and search sites like Twitter to see how people are reacting to these issues and their solutions on the Social Media.

Step 3 – Start writing article – You do need to write unique articles and it should pass copyscape. This step can be easily outsourced, but if you are a good writer then you can easily write it yourself.

In the previous step you have already done your research. For writing an article you will have to research more – thankfully the internet is already filled up with so much of information on any topic that research is pretty simple now. Don’t copy anything though – take the ideas from the articles, Youtube videos, infographics etc. and then start writing the article in your own words.

Step 4 – Once you complete the article, share it on the social media – use all of your channels to promote the article. There are sites like ViralContentBuzz, GuestCrew, JustRetweet that can spread your content on the social media with ease. All you have to do is – share other people’s content – earn credits in the process and use those to get more shares on your own content.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Use Influencer marketing – there’s many ways to do it but the most effective way is to link to influencers from your article. Then reach out to those whom you have linked and ask them for sharing your article on the social media. Some of them will be generous enough to link to your article as well.

Step 5 – Build Backlinks: While this step can be done in any number of ways – ultimately the target of this step is to get some genuine and natural links to your site and the article. Here’s some quick steps to build links to your article:

Guest Posts: With less than 10 days to go for the black Friday – it will be a challenge to get guest posts published. Still if you speed up and write 2 to 3 articles a day, related to your content – then it might works out.

Web 2.0 Links: This step is quicker, there are sites that allow posts to automatically appear on their sites – all you have to do is signup and post. Then there are some other web 2.0 sites that allows you to have a profile, many of those profile creation sites allows you to have a backlink.

Comments: Perhaps the easiest way to get some quick links to your articles is start commenting. Just make sure to comment on relevant blogs!

Forums: You have to search for related forums that allows links in the signature or posts. Make sure to add value on those forums, if it seems that you have registered on their forum to build links then they will ban you quickly. Focus only on contributing first – build up a profile, then go for the links.

Quora: This site has grown so quickly that at this moment no matter what topic or niche you have selected, you will find people on Quora that are interested or even experts on your chosen topic.

Experience is a big thing – even if you fail to make something big this black Friday you will still remember the process. Next year, simply start early – better yet start now!

The offers and discounts related to black Friday might not be live till the last few days – but you already know the process and you can have the sites ready and the articles in the drafts and wait for the right time. Once the stores and the portals starts to display their black Friday deals, start to add those to your article drafts and start publishing them.

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