3 Reasons Why You Need to Work on Your Blogging Mindset

As within, so without.

The success you see on the outside reflects your inner world.

The energy you choose to vibe at reflects back to you through:

  • your level of success
  • your level of failure
  • your experiences

As a pro blogger I had a helluva time embracing this idea. For years, I struggled to build a successful blog. I eventually saw some worldly success but worked like mad for the results and feared losing my money, my traffic and my rep.

I eventually learned that working on your blogging mindset is critical to rocking out your blog and enjoying the ride.

Peep these 3 reasons why you need to develop a winning blogging mindset through regular  mental homework.

1: Detach from Outcomes

As a newbie, and even as a struggling veteran, I chose to act based on the results I received. Or, I chose not to act based on the results I received.

If I didn’t get any opt-ins after working hard for a week I’d either quit blogging for 1-2 weeks or I’d bring a fearful, failing, desperate energy to all I did blogging-wise, turning off successful bloggers in my niche and potential readers with my spamming and thin content.

Meditating, doing yoga, exercising and building a gratitude list detached me largely from blogging outcomes. No matter if I make 0 dollars or $100 or $1,000 dollars today I will have the same, cheery, detached attitude of a generous servant.

Detaching from outcomes makes you super prolific which eventually makes you super duper successful blogging-wise.

Do the inner work. Detach from outcomes. Make the work, the reward. Build a successful blog.

2: Embrace Fear

Fear is your biggest blogging enemy.

Most bloggers turn around when they face fear, perpetuating their struggles.

Successful bloggers step into their fears. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is a skill you need to learn to succeed with your blog.

Working on your mindset helps you unearth, face, embrace and release blogging and life fears.

Meditation works especially well in this regard.

By meditating daily I felt the fears I had resisted for years, like:

  • the fear of criticism
  • the fear of failing
  • the fear of wasting my time

I faced, felt and largely released these fears to become a guest posting and blog commenting dynamo, helping me build a successful pro blogging career from the inside out.

3: Enjoy the Journey

I spent this morning watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. The apartment where we are house sitting marked the starting point for the parade.

Seeing celebrities and balloons and clowns and marching bands in person was a blast.

If I was not enjoying the blogging journey I’d have told myself that I couldn’t afford to take 2 hours off from blogging this morning. Even worse? If you aren’t enjoying the journey you never celebrate your successes and spend most of your blogging day miserable.

If you don’t have fun blogging, what’s the point?

Doing mindset work helps you enjoy the ride. Meditating and doing yin yoga especially keep you in the present moment. Being present means you don’t worry about the future or regret the past as most frantic, frenzied, unhappy bloggers do.

I am no Biddulph Blogging Buddha but I have fun as my blogging success expands.

Your Turn

How much mindset work do you do daily?

Or are you skipping mindset work?

What reasons can you add to this list?

How are you becoming a successful blogger by working on your inner world?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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