1 Way to Sell More eBooks that Doesn’t Seem to Be Related to Selling eBooks


Did you know I meditate daily?

Did you also know that meditating daily can play a huge part in you selling more eBooks?

Watch this video as I discuss:

Detaching from Fears

Meditating is a simple practice that makes you aware of your thoughts and feelings.

At its core, this sounds easy enough, right? Sit. Watch. Observe. Release. Cool.

But most people do not see the immense blogging and eBook selling benefits of regular, daily meditating.

I saw an increase in eBook sales by meditating regularly because sitting to observe my thoughts daily, on waking, made me aware of my many eBook selling related fears like:

  • me being afraid I was promoting my eBooks too frequently
  • me fearing that promoting my eBooks would turn off readers and potential eBook customers
  • me fearing that asking people for money, for the eBook, would repel sales
  • me fearing that promoting my eBooks would be a waste of time.

By sitting in silence on waking I observed these fears. I felt the fears, however unpleasant this process felt. I then cleared many of these deep fears around promoting and selling eBooks.

I then moved into a few simple steps which increased my eBook sales:

  • I promoted at least 10 to 20 of my 126 eBooks daily on Twitter
  • I promoted one of my eBooks via every Facebook Live Video, Periscope broadcast and Huffington Post Guest Post
  • I began to promote one of my eBooks through every guest post I submitted to my blogging buddies

As I shared my eBooks I did not feel attached to any outcome. I did not wish for sales. I did not crave sales. I did not fear being too self-promotional, whatever that means. I did not fear promoting the eBooks would be a waste of time.

I just shared my eBooks all day long, freely, without any heavy attachment to outcomes.

I instantly noted folks mentioning how they bought my eBooks, through social media, through blog comments and through email. Some folks bought a handful of my audio books too, as a neat, unintended side effect of this clear, persistent eBook marketing campaign.

Why did I move into inspired action to promote the eBooks? I just decided to sit, to observe, to relax and to allow my fears to arise, during deep meditations. As fears arose, I did not resist the fears. I felt the fear of criticism. I felt the fear of being called a fraud. I felt the fear of being called a shill, and the fear of me wasting my time promoting my eBooks. Then I let the fears go, as the lower energies dissolved into the ethers.

Being void of these deep fears, I slowly felt like a new, energized, clear and bold, self-published author. I shared my eBooks through various channels online, not fearing that marketing an eBook where folks exchanged an energy called money for the eBook would prevent them from buying my eBooks, or would anger them or annoy them.

My sales rose because I became aware of and embraced fears related to me promoting and selling my eBooks.

I became aware of these fears by meditating daily for 20 minutes.

Meditating Benefits Your Life

Meditation benefits every aspect of your life because your human experience is an experience of thoughts and feelings. If you become aware of what you are really thinking and feeling you can clear the fear to do things from an energy of love and fun, predominantly.

As you know by now, folks who do things from an energy of love and fun really dig their journey, big time, and become the most hyper successful folks in their chosen fields.

Your Turn

Are you a meditating blogger?

How has meditating helped you?

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