1 Common Blogging Mistake in the Profits Department

I read a post from a top earning blogger the other day.

Said top earner has raked in some serious coin over the years.

He routinely makes a healthy amount of cash on a daily basis.

After sharing his income, many followers note how it took him 10 years to reach that point of earning a hefty paycheck on a daily basis.

Which is not totally true.

Because being online for 10 years did not earn him a fortune. Many folks are online for 10 years and earn peanuts. Some folks are online for 10 years and do OK but earn nowhere near the amount of money that this blogging dynamo earns.

This is a common mistake in the blogging profits department that needs to be address.

Watch the video as I explain from a dark, shadowy Upper West Side apartment.

Common Blogging Mistake

This common blogging mistake is: believing that simply doing anything online related to your blog for a long period of time brings you immense profits.

This is totally untrue.

I know many people who have blogged for years, or for 10 years, and make little or no money through blogging.


The energy you maintain, and the energy you inject into your actions, determines the amount of money you make online.

Few bloggers earn anything of note because they blog from survival mode, for months or years, being heavily attached to money and traffic outcomes, allowing their fearful energy to all but ensure they make little dough online.

Meanwhile, the detached, generous blogger who publishes valuable posts to their blog persistently and who guest posts on top niche blogs and who helps other bloggers to form bonds seems to rock it out over the near and longer terms.


Love, fun and generosity are harmonizing, prospering energies.

If a blogger makes $20,000 in a single day now, that blogger vibed from a loving, generous, largely detached from outcomes energy persistently, to allow in the 20 G’s in a single day.

Does Time Play a Role in Profiting Online?

Yes; but only in that you want to maintain a relatively clean, clear, detached vibe for some time, to allow in success.

But the energy means everything. Time is a secondary factor. If you skip the energy, you move into fear-based actions, and no matter how many millions of years you spend online, if you do things mainly from fear, lack and limitation, you will struggle horribly online, for whatever period of time you spend online, because we live in a Universe of energy.

My Example

I write and publish 1 travel page daily on Blogging From Paradise:

Blogging From Paradise Travel Page

I do so mainly because I have fun doing so. No real strong motive to make money with these travel pages. I love writing. I love sharing my travel insights from circling the globe over the past 6 years. I write.

The energy behind my writing is fun, detached, loving and generous. No fear, no worry about squeezing traffic or profits out of these travel pages.

I have maintained this energy since I began publishing travel pages daily a few months ago.

This loving, fun energy has helped me profit through these posts, quite quickly.

Today alone I received 2 orders for advertising on my travel pages. I sell eBooks and audio books through the widgets I embed on these travel pages. I have sold sponsored posts and I have generated advertising revenue too through these pages.

I consistently maintained a loving, fun vibe while I wrote these posts. I had zero intention of doing things for a certain time. I just rendered helpful service from a generous space, giving little to no thought about getting, and my higher energy approach to travel blogging has allowed me to get money and traffic through theses pages quite easily.

If something appears to happen easily for a blogger they maintained a clear, loving, generous, largely detached energy persistently to allow in the easy traffic and profits.

As the traffic and profit numbers grow for the top earners you can bet your booty that these big dawgs maintained a predominantly generous, detached vibe persistently for quite a while. But it was not the time itself that prospered them. It was the energy behind their persistent, inspired actions that preceded the big blogging profits.

Work on your energy first.

Avoid the mistake of believing that doing anything for a long period of time prospers you.

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