1 Time Focused Tip for Handling Blogging Criticism

This morning I came across someone who commented on one of my posts through a social network.

The person noted the post was OK but lacked substance. Not enough tips. Not enough value.

Said reader observed how one section of the post lacked any real meat, being void of practical tips to drill home the point I made through the sub heading.

On re-reading the sub heading he spoke of I counted 4 clear, plain as day, easy to read and use, practical tips. I fleshed out the point thoroughly.

But if I have learned one thing about blogging critics after my nearly 10 years online it is this: critics are blind to what is really happening in front of them because their fear obscures the truth.

My Time Focused Tip for Handling Blogging Criticism

I spent 7 seconds clicking to my blog post and re-reading the sub header in question. After the 7 seconds I moved on.

I let the critic go for good.

Here’s what you do the next time you find a blogging critic: let them go within 1-3 seconds on initial contact. If they are harshly offering stinging feedback, their fears and pain and frustration is merely a projection, saying everything about them and nothing about you.

This is why it makes zero sense to debate a critic, to fight a critic or to be bothered by a critic. They are blind to the truth and are talking about themselves anyway so attempting to convince or coerce or fight or battle the individual is a fruitless, pointless, failing endeavor, every time.

Spend a second or 2 processing any feedback or criticism lobbed by an unhappy person. Move on. This simple strategy saves me days, weeks and even months of time that less wise folks waste by going against unhappy, unclear people.

Missing the Truth

On re-reading my post, I honestly observed the truth. I shared, clearly, 4 practical tips expounding on the point made in the section. The reader could easily see and use these tips to practically build their blog from a smart, focused, helpful space.

But their fear and lack of clarity projected as criticism literally blinded them to the 4 practical tips, to the point where they said they saw zero practical tips.

Fear does that. It obscures, it deceives and it declarifies, creating a lie out of what is true.

This is why it behooves you to spend a second or two facing and releasing critics because ignoring the unclear and fearful is the easiest way to allow the clear and loving into your blogging experience.

The Solution and Benefits

When you let go critics immediately, fans and clear, confident bloggers flow into your blogging experience. Even better? Kind, generous people will offer uplifting, helpful feedback in a nice way, guiding you toward greater blogging success.

Imagine if the critic had more fun and love in their being. The person would have written an in-depth comment explaining how much they dug the points I made. Then at the end of the comment, they could have mentioned that in this post, or in a future post, they would love for me to flesh out a certain section of the post.

See how love and harmony are delicate, prospering and abundantcenergies?

Instead of doing things from an energy of fear and pain, as a critic does, the harmonious, fun-loving reader deftly shares what they loved about your post and makes a little point for further expansion, from their viewpoint.

This is why they do not build statues to honor critics. Nobody wants to honor an unclear, fear-filled person who projects their problems on other people.

Let these folks go like a hot potato.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

As you release fear and give your attention and energy to love and fun, rocking people and circumstances will move into your blogging experiences more frequently.


Watch this video from the Upper West Side of NYC.

I dive into this concept.

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