Hug this Word to Succeed in Blogging

You know when you embody a certain word?

Or when you see another blogger embody a certain word?

When you think of the person you think of the word. Or when you think of the word you think of the person.

Hug this word to embody it and to become a successful blogger.


Watch this video as I explain, looking a little bit like Max Headroom in a dark, shadowy room:

The One Word: Service

Service providers succeed in their blogging niche.

The niche matters not. But the service does matter.

Generous bloggers succeed because they focus on meeting the needs of their readers through as many channels as possible in as many ways as possible.

This crowd is not obsessed with what’s in it for them. Losers think like that. Blogging losers, who fear loss and who do all they do with their blog from a place of loss and fear.

Successful bloggers serve hoards of folks for free through multiple channels online to eventually get paid top dollar.

Each act of service plants a seed which grows into something brilliant over the long haul.

Service and Success in Action

One of my friends is a famous influencer in the travel niche. He is a brand ambassador.

I won’t mention his name because he told me this story 1 to 1, but if you follow travel bloggers and the like online, you’ll know the guy.

He perfectly hugs and embodies the concept of service.

Before he became a brand ambassador who actually gets paid some nice coin to live in luxury hotels and to see the world’s most dazzling spots, he was faced with an opportunity to help one of the largest, most well know, prominent hotel chains in a certain region of the world.

He could have easily charged top dollar for his services but chose to work for free.

He simply asked that if the chain was happy with his consulting services that they refer him to other hotel chains in the region.

He did a smash up job for free. The chain mentioned him to a score of other luxury hotels in the region. He landed 20 paid jobs with those hotels. He earned some sweet coin but that wasn’t all; his increased exposure allowed him to land his current gig, which consists of being a brand ambassador and making a full time, professional living of staying in 5 star resorts and seeing the world’s most awesome places while he shares tidbits on social media.

The guy lives a dream life by embodying the concept of service.

If you want to get, ya gotta give.

You must serve.

Help bloggers for free across a wide range of channels.

Set up blogging income streams but don’t worry about making money or bargaining or turning down folks when you can generously help folks and simply release on people who are not good matches for your energy and products or services.

Free giving aka serving while not thinking much at all about the getting, leads to substantial getting, near and long term. But you need to hug the concept of service and embody that word in all you do to see the spectacular results that few bloggers see, because most bloggers give up until the point that some money rolls in, or, to the point where nothing seems to be happening outcome-wise….then they quit.

Serve. Serve some more. Help folks in as many ways as possible. You will eventually appear to be all over your niche, an authority, and the getting aka success aka traffic and profits will flow to you naturally and quite effortlessly.

Your Turn

Do you embody service with your blogging campaign?

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