4 Tips for Driving Blog Traffic through Live Videos

3….2……1…..and you’re live!

I am addicted to live videos. I admit it. I am a live broadcast junkie.

I do one live video on Facebook and Periscope daily.

Here is my latest Facebook live broadcast:

Today I want to help you drive blog traffic through this inspired, trust-building, brand-expanding online medium at your disposal.

This is a free way to grow the foundation for a successful blog guys.

Get all over it.

1: Peak Your Energy

Peak your energy.

This is far and away the most important tip for driving traffic through your live videos.

I do 60 minutes of energy work on waking. 40 minutes of yoga. 20 minutes of meditation.

I also jump into an icy cold shower for 30 seconds on waking to boost my energy.

Doing live broadcasts for the first time brings up deep fears related to self-consciousness, criticism and failure. If you do not consciously raise your energy you will appear to be stiff, nervous and flat our scared, a deer in the live video headlights, which means little blog traffic through this medium.

Take a deep breath. Raise your energy. Follow a diligent morning energy elevating ritual. Do a few push ups or sit ups before you broadcast live.



Be energetic.

Allow that energy to shine through your posts to boost your blog traffic.

2: Brand Your Blog

Brand your blog.

Drive traffic to your cyber real estate.

You know how I do it; during every live broadcast on YouTube, Periscope and Facebook you will see 4 Blogging From Paradise paperback covers looming over my shoulder. You will usually see my Chromebook screen too, pointing to my blog home page.


Each branding impression influences you to visit my site, to sign up for my list and to buy my products or to hire me for my services.

I can help you more effectively if you see subtle and not so subtle reminders to visit my blog. Win-win.

Brand your videos by persistently including brand logos through your paperback covers, through your laptop directed to your blog and by wearing T-shirts with your blog and brand logo.

Drive traffic by increasing brand awareness.

3: Call Readers to Visit Your Blog

I always call my live broadcast viewers to some action related to my blog.

Visit Blogging From Paradise.

Buy my blogging course.

Buy one of my eBooks.

Whatever the call, every single video directs viewers toward my blogging funnel to boost traffic and to build bonds with new readers.

Don’t be shy. Drive folks back to your blog by ending – and beginning – each video with an explicit call to action. Many bloggers drop the ball on this one, sharing a helpful solution without goading readers to visit their blog. I figure it makes sense to remind people of your blog and the benefits you provide. If you are helping someone you may as well guide them to more help, both in free and premium form.

I have sold quite a few eBooks and audio books using this method and I have also sold my blogging courses and have signed up clients too through my live broadcast calls to action.

4: Have Fun!

Having fun is the cornerstone of my live video campaign.

On Facebook, Periscope and Youtube I have a blast sharing my thoughts and helping people.

Having fun makes you magnetic to views. People will gladly subscribe to your live broadcast updates and follow you to your blog if you enjoy the process of creating live videos.


Watch this video as I discuss how to increase blog traffic through live broadcasts:

Your Turn

Are you using live video to drive traffic to your blog?

What tips can you add to this list?

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