1 Chief Factor in Becoming a Pro Blogger for the Long Haul

I am tired.

I have a run around NYC in about an hour.

At 11:51 AM, EST, I have published my post for the day. I also wrote and published a travel-themed page on Blogging From Paradise.

I checked my email and responded. I checked my social media sites. I did live broadcasts on Periscope and Facebook. I am writing this guest post.

I published my Facebook Live broadcast on The Huffington Post as a guest post. I will write a post on Medium in a little bit promoting one of my 126 eBooks.

I will promote fellow travel bloggers in a well known tribe on Facebook in a few hours. After the run, methinks. Promoting them on Twitter and commenting on a handful of blogs is what I do.

After some Warrior Forum and Quora helping, and commenting on a handful of blogs after reading the posts, and maybe after writing 1-2 guest posts – OK; I know I will write at least 2 more guest posts today – I will call it a day.

A day in the life of being a professional blogger.

Why would I go through the day doing all those things if I am super duper tired now?

I have learned the chief factor in being a professional, full time blogger: you need to have a freeing, fun driver to wade through the fears and fatigue that you will face on this journey, to do the necessary practicing, creating and connecting that helps you net a full time income.

Get out of Survival Mode

During my lean days I was blogging in Survival Mode. I blogged mainly to make ends meet. I blogged to pay my bills. I blogged to put food on the table. I blogged to put a roof over my head.

As soon as I met those requirements – and I rarely did – I would call it a day, throw in the towel, and figure that my next blogging action would occur the following morning.

I often cowered to my blogging fears during those days. I found myself fatigued regularly. I rarely practiced writing. Blogging was not a passion. Blogging was not fun, or freeing. Blogging was a tool just to get by, to stay above water, to barely remain afloat.

Most bloggers are in Survival Mode. They do not have a freeing driver. They have a fear-filled driver. Namely, they are blogging to avoid facing their deepest fears of losing everything. Blogging is not freeing. Quite the contrary. This vehicle is a tool that keeps most bloggers miserable, barely surviving, wondering what the next day will bring.

Make the Shift

Making the shift from blogging to survive toward blogging to free yourself will inspire you to persist when times get tough, because your prime intent is to free yourself of your deepest fears through blogging.

Pro bloggers face their fears on a daily basis. Until they slay most of their fears and dive deeper, into fewer, but more subtle fears, on the regular.

Pro bloggers do freeing, fun and sometimes scary things like guest posting, commenting on blogs, creating eBooks and publishing online courses.

Pro bloggers do the requisite practicing, creating and connecting that leads to a full time blogging income, even if their creating and connecting does not appear to yield returns for months or even years.

Pro bloggers feel the fear and do it anyway, because pro bloggers blog with a freeing, pulsating, over powering intent that goads them to leave most bloggers in the dust.


I filmed this video from a posh pad on the Upper East Side of New York City to explain this concept in detail.

Watch the video and share it with your aspiring pro blogging buddies.

Your Turn

What is your freeing blogging driver?

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