1 Blogging Truth that Will Make You Prolific

I am releasing a new eBook on Blogging From Paradise.

This read involves 7 blogging lessons I learned from 2 Thai lady boy prostitutes.

I was stalked and chased by the lady boys a few years ago in Bangkok.

Before traveling back to the the US for an around the world flight I wanted to get a little morning walk in at 6 AM. I did. I also left with a story that I turned into an entire eBook.

The Blogging Truth

You can blog about anything.

You can blog about any topic.

Of course you want to always stay on topic. Stick to your niche. No straying. No confusing your readers. But if you want to make a strong impact in your niche by being prolific, seizing this blogging truth will make you appear to be in a thousand places at once.

Writer’s Block Does Not Exist

Writer’s block feeds on your fears. Your fears are illusions.

Feeling that you are suffering from writer’s block is like a guppy that fears it will run out of water while sitting in the Mariana Trench. No shortage of ideas exist because you live in abundance.

Ideas surround you everywhere you look. Recount your experiences today; whatever went down, you can turn the moment into a blog post, easy peasy. Ditto for any experience from last week or last month or last year.

The trick is to tie the experience to your niche, like I tied the travel experience to the blogging tips niche through my eBook.

Practical Advice

Write 1000 words in a Word document daily. Trash the document after you finish your writing practice.

Following this habit helps you become clear in covering a wide range of topics because you flex your writing and imaginative muscles each time you sit down to practice. Most bloggers struggle with writer’s block because they only write when publishing a new post. Bloggers who commit to writing snatch ideas out of thin air, tying their experiences to their blogging niche quickly and easily.

Think about it; I wrote and self-published a 6,000 word eBook designed to help you learn blogging. I dissected 7 blogging lessons I learned from this experience through the art of telling stories and drawing analogies between the encounter with the duo and blogging lessons.

You can truly write about anything.

Practice Observing

Heighten your powers of observation. See what’s going on around you right now.

Take a deep breath. Watch. Observe. Note.

Develop the habit of noting what happens around you.

By expanding your awareness you will pinpoint a steady stream of blog post ideas for your blog and for guest posting opportunities.

Before writing a guest post here on Blogging Tips I recount the prior day I spent online and offline. How can I teach a blogging lesson, or blogging lessons? How can I help based on my experience? It is not all about having online success. Being prolific rests on being able to write about virtually any topic, through practicing your writing and heightening your powers of observation.

Slow Motion Mind

Your mind will detail experiences in slow motion, picking out rich moments and drawing parallels between the experience and your blogging niche.

Where most bloggers complain about suffering from writer’s block your diligent writing practice and improved observational skills will inspire you to seize ideas and paint a vivid image of your stories as you slowly see various elements of your story in great detail.


Watch this short video as I explain this concept.

If you want to never run out of blog post ideas just accept the fact that you can write about anything.

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