11 Ways to Help Fellow Bloggers

After publishing my new post on Blogging From Paradise and sharing a video to Facebook I want to expound on the secret of successful blogging: help other bloggers all day long.

Watch the video to see me chat about the topic while wearing a pretty epic T-shirt of cats in space.

OK, on to the tips


Help bloggers by answering questions on Quora.

Share meaty, in-depth answers to be generous with your time and talents.


Respond to emails where people ask you questions related to your blogging niche. Don’t shoe off people who won’t pay for your coaching services. Be generous. Be of good cheer and act abundantly.

Facebook Live Videos

I broadcast 1 Facebook Live video daily addressing blogging questions or issues I see arising regularly in the blogging niche.

Help bloggers through this personable, intimate, fun medium.

Periscope and YouTube Live Broadcasts

Ditto on the Facebook Live insights; broadcast live videos on these networks. Expand your reach. Help readers through a wide range of platforms.

Create Online Courses

I offer a blogging audio course which helps you build a successful blog on rock solid fundamentals.

Provide a valuable blueprint for your readers. Receive money for service rendered. Pretty sweet deal, eh?

Write and Self-Publish eBooks

Write and self-publish eBooks on Amazon.

This platform gives you access to a global market.

Keep things practical. Short and sweet eBooks seem to work well.

I wrote and self-published 124 eBooks on Amazon, each being around 6,000 words in length.

Publish Guest Posts

I am nearing 380 guesties on Blogging Tips and have also published 400 guest posts on the Huffington Post.

Writing and placing guest posts is an awesome way to help large audiences through the principle of leveraging.

Publish Beefy Blog Comments

Help people through the meaty, 3-5 paragraph, in-depth comments you publish on top blogs from your niche. I get emails from folks who dig the insight I share through my comments. Mindfully make an impact. Comment primarily to give value, not to get backlinks.

Answer Questions on the Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is one of my favorite places to stop by and spend 20 minutes daily answering questions related to blogging and internet marketing.

Find an endless flow of questions from new and veteran internet marketers alike and answer these queries to be of service to forum members.

Answer Questions on Facebook Groups

Answer questions on Facebook Groups related to your blogging niche. Be generous with your time and talents. These groups aren’t just about dropping your link and running, ya know?

Answer Questions on Google Plus Communities

Ditto with answering questions on Google Plus Communities related to your niche. These spots are golden opportunities for helping people and drawing readers to your blog.

Practical Tips

Be patient and persistent with your help. Many bloggers help primarily to get. This crowd soon grows frustrated by their stingy condition-based giving and quits on being generous, only to slam into endless struggles and eventually failure.

Calmly and confidently help people through a wide range of channels every day. This is how to develop a viral online presence while being of service to large groups of readers.

Fall in love with helping people. This makes the work/service the reward, which makes traffic and profits and comments and social shares feel like bonuses, or extra.

As you get clearer on your blogging message and habitually give without strings attached you will become more successful in your blogging niche because blogging leaders tend to think, feel and act abundantly.

If you are generous with your blogging niche, your blogging niche will be generous with you.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

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