What to Do if Your Guest Post Pitches Are Being Ignored

Nothing feels worse than wasting your time online.

Seeing your guest post pitches fall on deaf ears feels frustrating.

But if you change your strategy you can land guest posts on a wide range of blogs from your niche.


Why this Works

Be nice. Make friends. Help people. Friends help you in return.

It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Your guest post pitches are ignored because you come in cold. A stranger. But if you come in warm, like a friend, your blogging buddies will freely accept your guest post requests in most cases.

Note; if you practice writing daily you will gain confidence and clarity in your writing, improving the chances of placing guesties on blogs from your niche.

Bloggers tend to distrust strangers and the same bloggers tend to trust friends. By helping someone out – promoting them and commenting on their blog for months – and by not looking for anything in return you position yourself to make a bunch of blogging buddies.

Blogging buddies are happy to help blogging buddies freely, easily and generously, accepting their guest post pitches.

Become a Friend

Become friendly with your fellow bloggers.

Help them by promoting them without looking for anything in return.

Being a friend is the easiest way to become a friend. Do as friends do; help your new blogging buddies by mentioning them on your blog, by sharing their content on social media and by commenting effectively and mindfully on their blogs.

Comment Effectively on Blogs

Write 3-4 paragraph,in-depth comments on blogs from your niche.

Personalize comments to make the greatest impact because everybody loves the sound of their name being called.

Be polite. Even if you disagree with some points in the post simply find a few points to agree on and if you do share an opposing viewpoint do so in polite, mindful, pleasant fashion.

Comments are content. You better believe most bloggers deeply appreciated receiving comments on their blogs, laying the foundation for a strong friendship.

Promote Other Bloggers through Social Media and Your Blog

Share your fellow blogger’s content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Promoting bloggers on social media is an easy way to build meaningful friendships with people in your niche. Over time, as these bonds strengthen, your guest post pitches will be fielded and answered in positive fashion.

Bloggers love generous bloggers and will extend invites to you even before you reach out to them for the guest post pitch.

Gain Invites and Land Guest Posts

Gaining guest post invites is my favorite way to land opportunities. Instead of running around like a blogging chicken with my head cut off trying to pitch people, I simply promote other bloggers and comment on their blogs freely. Over time, invites flow to me. Or I may ask my friends if any of them wants me to write a guest post for them and I gobble up that opportunity quickly.

Being kind, generous and acting abundantly is an easy way to see guest post opportunities land in your lap.

If you do reach out to fellow bloggers, pitch them the guest post idea after writing a handful of comments on their blog and after promoting them for a number of months. Allow the friendship to form organically. Do not ask for a guest post opportunity or anything else for at least 2-3 months. Then you can go ahead and ask but do not press the issue beyond a simple request.

Most of your blogging buddies will say “yes” and even if some do not offer the opportunity to guest post you can move forward knowing that you’d made a blogging buddy, with said friendship offering both parties many sweet benefits.

Your Turn

How are you building bonds with fellow blogger?

Are your guest posting pitches falling on deaf ears?

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