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SiteGround and Hostinger are two of the most reputable names in the web hosting industry. Both companies have their own benefits and limitation. However, in the absence of real feedback and user reviews, people can’t make the right choice as to which company they should actually go with.

Therefore, I have decided to put together a detailed comparison between these two based on a few important features. This information is hoarded from real customer reviews, company’s official websites, and my personal experience as well. So stick to this article till the end, look at comparison properly, and decide for yourself.


This is one of the major aspects that every user should look at before choosing a hosting partner. It is important because no one like to pay extra. We should always pay for what you are getting. For this, it is always important that you take a closer look at the features and then compare price.

When I compare the price of Hostinger and SiteGround for their initial package per month, I see Hostinger charges $2.15 while SiteGround’s price is $3.95 for the same package. Even in their premium package, there is a huge difference in pricing. Where Hostinger charges for $7.95 for its business web hosting, SiteGround $11.95. Moreover, in Hostinger, you can buy the package for 3 and 6 months, while SiteGround does not support any 3 and 6-month packages.

In this comparison, we can clearly see that Hostinger is much cheaper than SiteGround.


Uptime is crucial for any website. If your hosting company does not support a good uptime, your site will not be available for your audience. And it will affect your business and earnings badly as well. Uptime is calculated based on the number of hours server is available. And generally, it is expressed as a percentage. The ideal uptime for hosting should be between 99.98 to 100%. Let’s see how these two stand in this category.

As per my research, both SiteGround and Hostinger are impeccable in terms of uptime. In the last months of testing, neither Hostinger, nor SiteGround experienced any major downtimes, resulting in the 100% uptime percentages for both.

Real-time uptime statistics for those websites can be found here:


You might have heard the quote ‘first impression is the last impression’. And, it fits perfectly with your website as well. If your website does not load equally, it may create a bad impression for your users. No matter how much attractive and user-friendly your website is, if it is taking enough time to load, users would leave your website immediately and that will increase the bounce rate of the site (a negative implication SEO-wise). Therefore, it is crucial that your hosting server has good response time. has done the research in which they tested average load speeds of simple WordPress websites:

The response time for Hostinger was a staggering 68 ms whereas, on an average, the response time of SiteGround was 452 ms. Clearly, Hostinger has won this round.

Customer Support:

Most of the users do not pay enough attention to customer support while choosing a web hosting company. However, it is just as important as uptime, pricing, and speed. Make sure whatever company you choose has prompt and reliable customer support team so that you can get proper technical support in case of any unexpected error or colossal failure.

Every hosting company provides some kind of support service for their customers. But not all are equally competent in terms of offering proactive solutions to their user queries.

Let us analyze the customer support of Hostinger and SiteGround.

Hostinger has very good customer support that remains available 24 hours, all seven days of the week. They provide support through Live Chat Support System and email support. Their response time on chat is fast. You would not have to wait too long (up to 1-2 minutes) for your query to be answered. However, in the modern customer-oriented scenario, Hostinger lacks Phone support that is the biggest drawback I find with Hostinger. Opposed to Hostinger, SiteGround is much more advanced in terms of customer experience/support. It provides customer support in a 3 ways i.e. Phone Support, Chat Support and Ticket Support. All their customer supports are fast and instant.

What’s more – I was astounded by the fact that SiteGround’s customer service ‘greets’ you with a proactive chat pop-up as soon as you purchase the service. This way they help you to set up the account properly which is another plus point to their customer service. Honestly, I’ve never seen anyone this proficient when. It’s no wonder

Siteground customer reviews stay so positive.

Siteground is a clear winner in the support department!


I must say, I haven’t heard much about Hostinger’s Premium service before I was set to research it. Considering Hostinger was well-known for its free web hosting services, I didn’t expect much. As it turns out, it’s performing even better than the most of well-established names of the industry.

SiteGround, on the other hand, – is a well-appreciated web hosting provider. Internet communities don’t shy away from praising its superb customer experience, and there is clearly a reason for it! SiteGround is more expensive and it is slower than Hostinger, but if you prefer to pay more for extra luxury, – Siteground is the host to consider.

I love to compare various services to car brands. In this case, Hostinger would be a speedy Tesla, while Siteground is the time-proven Mercedes. Both are great for certain audience, but in the end, – it’s up to you to decide!

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