2 Simple But Tough Steps to Become an Influential Blogger

If it were easy to be an influential blogger every blogger you meet would be an influencer.

Top blogs like Forbes and Entrepreneur would rotate features between millions of bloggers.

Everybody you spoke too in your blogging niche would rake it in. Aspiring travelers would circle the globe, detailing their exploits via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

There is a good reason why when I visit Fiji for 4 months and share with folks that most human beings look at me like I have 3 heads. They cannot believe such a dream life is possible, figuring that circling the globe and living in paradises like Fiji for months at a time is for lucky people.

This journey is not always comfortable, weeding out bloggers who turn tail when their fears arise. Sometimes, things get tough. But if you follow simple, practical tips persistently, and see this journey through, you can become someone who helps a large number of people from your niche.

Recently I was interviewed for the Warrior Forum podcast. This 1.3 million member community is headed by a handful of bright, clever and helpful folks, a few of which saw me as being a blogging influencer. The host even said so during the interview.

With that in mind, I want you to open blogging doors for yourself, to increase your traffic, to boost your profits and to serve more people.

All these sweet benefits flow to you as you are perceived to be an influential blogger, so let’s dive into the dips.


If you prefer to see my talking head explain these concepts, watch this video:


Before you teach, you must learn.

Be a student of blogging.

Follow 1-3 top bloggers in your niche. Study their posts. Buy their eBooks. Learn from them.

Then, practice blogging to allow your learning process to accelerate. Once you learn, apply. This helps you learn even more quickly.

The learning process becomes highly uncomfortable at times but this is the tuition to pay if you want to yield clout and help more folks in your blogging niche.

Don’t stop learning. Even top pro bloggers continue learning every single day. The process of being a blogging student never ends. Be open, be humble, study new techniques but stick to the basic fundamentals of creating helpful content and connecting with new bloggers by promoting them freely.


Help readers.

Be of service.

Be generous.

Once you have learned, it is time to share your knowledge with the world, and for a minute, you will likely get nothing in return immediately after you help folks. Which is OK. Because all influencers need to learn how to give generously, with no strings attached, before inspiring enough folks to be seen as an influential blogger.

Help people through:

  • your blog
  • guest posts
  • Quora
  • the Warrior Forum
  • niche specific forums
  • Facebook Groups
  • Google Plus Communities
  • email
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus

and in as many other spots as possible.

Being a generous giver across a wide range of channels inspires a high volume of people to refer you to their buddies, further expanding your reach.

In essence, you become an influential blogger by helping a bunch of folks – 1-to-1, and en masse through leveraging activities like guest blogging – who then see you as being helpful, inspirational and influential.

Be helpful. Serve. Don’t hold back. Even if it feels scary – and it will, at times – to give freely and to get nothing in return for sustained periods of time.

Gobble up interview opportunities. Don’t be stingy.

Helping people generously every day, over months, then years, is a surefire way to be seen as an influential blogger.

Your Turn

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How are you becoming an influential blogger?

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