3 Blogging Profit Boosters

“How can I make more money blogging?”

You have likely seen this question thousands of times during your blogging career.

For good reason; most bloggers struggle terribly to earn steady profits, or any profits, for that matter.

By focusing on helping people and building friendships you lay the foundation for a successful blogging campaign. But doing 3 things can boost your blogging profits slowly and steadily on a long term basis.

I mistakenly ignored each of these tips for years, to my online peril. When I did smarten up and follow these strategies I progressively made more and more money through my blog.

1: Build an Email List

If there is one practical tip you should follow from Day 1 as a pro blogger it should be to build an email list.

List building offers you traffic and profits on demand. After publishing your post simply hit the “send” button and you reach a growing number of people in a split second. Your subscribers click the link, read the post and a fair number will follow your call to action, increasing your blogging cash flow.

The secret to list building is to start doing it now. Don’t put it off. Although you can earn steady profits through other channels, list-building plain makes sense because it is convenience marketing on steroids.

Help people through your blog posts and list emails to boost your blogging profits through this popular, simple, clean marketing method.

2: Establish Multiple Streams of Income

Making money through multiple income streams boosts your overall online profits.

Today I received payment for eBook sales through Selz, for online courses sold and I will likely receive payment from a client by this evening.

This is 3 income streams flowing into my overall cash flow in a single day.

When you keep streams open for months and continue to add 1 income channel every 3-6 months you position yourself to earn a full time income.

Even the most skilled blogger is not crazy enough to force their blogging profits through one or two channels. Big dawg bloggers diversify their cash flow, earning money through a collection of streams which complement their blogging niche.

One income channel may dry up for a few weeks or even months but if you earn cash through 5 or 10 or even 15 other profit streams you will slowly but surely rake it in, even if you aren’t earning a handsome amount through any one channel.


This one screws up almost all bloggers at one point in their careers.

As a newbie blogger I totally ignored this tip. I focused on trying to do everything myself within my own limited sphere of influence.

Severe struggles woke me up. Like throwing cold water in my face after getting out of bed.

Keep Meeting New People

The quickest way to increase blogging profits slowly but steadily is to add new folks to your friend network. Comment on blogs aligned with your niche, publishing 3-4 paragraph, in depth, personalized comments. Promote top bloggers in your niche generously. Guest post on top blogs from your niche.

Your presence will continue to expand in your niche if you keep meeting new people, almost exponentially at times.

Example; 2 minutes ago I was just featured on SEMRush with a slew of other established online marketers. My friendships helped make it happen and no doubt this feature along with the handful of guest posts I published today will help to increase my online cash flow in some way, shape or form.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

Are you struggling to make money with your blog?

Or are you seeing a steady increase in your blogging income.

How are you boosting your blogging profits?

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