3 Tips for Networking Effectively with Established Pro Bloggers

Sometimes when I look through my email I can spot struggling bloggers and successful bloggers.

Without exception, struggling bloggers do a poor job networking, sending unclear, long-winded, and sometimes, presumptive, rude emails.

Successful bloggers send clear, brief and polite emails.

Develop the fine art of networking with successful bloggers. This takes time, patience and careful study because unless you have been a successful entrepreneur you have no experience dealing with top bloggers. Goodness knows I had no clue how to connect with and impress top bloggers and internet marketers as a blogging newbie, flopping awkwardly through the process.

In order to work your way up into higher blogging circles you will need to learn how to network effectively.

Follow these 3 tips to impress established pro bloggers to lay the groundwork for a prospering friendships.

1: Be Clear

Networking effectively with established pro bloggers requires you to be clear.

Sending clear emails or social media messages lets big dawg bloggers know you are clear, confident and focused. These qualities appeal to top bloggers.

On the flip side of things, being unclear, unsure and flat out rambling on with emails and social messages is the quickest way to turn out pro bloggers.

Whatever you want to say, gain clarity around your message. Get hyper clear on the benefits of your pitch for the blogger. Or just ask the top blogger if they need help in 1-2 sentence, to be clear and to……

2: Be Brief

Being brief goes hand in hand with being clear.

The clearer you are, the briefer you are. This is a must for connecting with and impressing established pro bloggers.

If I see an email with 2 paragraphs or more I almost always trash the email because I have little time to read much more and the blogger displays a lack of clarity in their message.

Again; top bloggers have tons of things to do daily, including responding to a high volume of individuals screaming for their attention. The connected bloggers of the world work their way up by being clear, brief and polite.

Reach out to bloggers in 3-6 sentences. I am not kidding. The higher you move up the blogging ladder the more clear and brief you need to be to get your foot in the cyber door. These influential bloggers do not have the time to set aside anything more than 5-10 seconds to see what you have to offer. Get right to the point and then exit stage left.

3: Be Polite

Do not burn any blogging bridges.

Being polite is the easiest way to both keep relationships alive and to foster strong bonds with top bloggers.

I recall interacting with a top internet marketer early during my blogging career. Since I had struggled terribly up until that point I had no idea how it felt to be genuinely, incredibly busy. I misread his 1-2 word emails as him being rude, or curt, and sent snippy responses from time to time.

I know he ignored the rudeness and responsed politely but no way in a million years would the guy ever work with me. For good reason. I was like a little spoiled blogging brat, being rude and boorish because he didn’t write me 2 paragraph long responses with politeness and personalizing and all that other stuff.

Now I get it. I understand how it feels to have hundreds of things to do daily. I am polite with top bloggers, if someone never responds or emails me back with a 1-2 word answer, I totally get it. I would never be rude or nasty or take their busy-ness personally.

Be nice. Keep doors open. You never know the bridges you may be burning or building based on your rudeness, or politeness.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

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