3 Strategies for Conquering Blogging Fears

The only thing standing between you and your blogging dreams is fear.

Fear can be subtle, like a feather’s touch, or fear can be as powerful as a sledgehammer slamming into your head.

To succeed with your blog you will need to face, embrace and release fears, so you can act inspired and do the things that successful bloggers do.

Watch me explain via this Facebook video:

Why These Strategies Work

Each of the strategies I share below work to unearth fears you tend to bury.

Few human beings enjoy facing their fears. Most people resist their fears, or bury these energies by keeping busy with jobs they dislike working or perhaps through drug or alcohol use. Some people use food to bury their fears.

In every case, when you resist your fears, your life becomes worse and you will never succeed at anything, including blogging.

Each technique – which I engage in daily – unearths your fears so you can face, embrace, feel and release these energies, inspiring you to blog from a successful energy of love and fun.


Sit. Observe.

Follow your breathing.

Meditating daily expands your awareness. So you can see, feel, embrace and release a wide range of fears in your life.

For years, I feared loss. That fear manifested as blogging struggles. By meditating daily for years I became aware of this loss-fear, felt it and released it.

Meditating is a fabulous vehicle for finding your true power, because sitting and observing your feelings, thoughts, memories and bodily sensations, helps you remain present.

When you are present, in the moment, you tap into your true power.


Doing yoga daily has helped me face, embrace and release many fears. Including blogging-related fears.


Yoga brings tense areas of your body to your attention. Stiff necks, sore backs and tense, delicate calves are simply stored memories – often fear-based – that you refuse to let go.

Yoga helps you face, embrace and release these fears as you breathe mindfully and relax into these tense areas.

Maybe you cling to a scary car accident, or to someone criticizing you and your blog, or perhaps you are in grief over losing a loved one. Doing yoga uncovers and dissolves both the fear-feelings and tension associated with the clinging.

I do 20 minutes of yoga on waking and another 10 to 20 minutes of yoga before going to bed.

I see a direct correlation between my yoga sessions over the past month and my recent 2 a day guest posts on Blogging Tips.

Icy Cold Showers


Talk to your doctor before doing this one.

No blogging ice cubes on my watch.

Jumping into a cold, invigorating shower teaches you the art of being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

If you are like most human beings you probably despise cold water. I was in the same boat. For years. But taking a cold shower on waking every morning conditioned me to both embrace cold water and many fears in my life, including fears concerning guest posting, blog commenting and creating my own products and services.

This dramatic practice purges long held fears that could be destroying your blogging campaign. When you get comfortable with diving into your fears on a daily basis you will face, embrace and release virtually all blogging fears you currently cling to.

Turn the shower all the way to cold. Get in. Stand under the cold stream for 30 to 60 seconds. Exit shower.

Inspired strategy for becoming both fearless, and also willing to dive into new fears.

Your Turn

How do you handle your blogging fears?

Do you follow any of these strategies?

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