1 Successful Blogging Fundamental: Being Generous

Success finds the generous blogger.

Successful people in all walks of life give freely of their time and talents.

I may appear to be all over the place but this is only because I blog mainly to spread love, to have fun and to help people. Holding these intents gives me the energy and creative ideas which have manifested in guest posts and helping people through mediums like Quora, the Warrior Forum, through YouTube, Periscope, iTunes, Facebook and various other online channels.

Let’s see why being generous is 1 fundamental of successful blogging.

Free Givers Prosper

Free givers always prosper.

The most successful bloggers are virtually always the most generous bloggers.

If you give freely your getting becomes easier and easier. Or, if a blogger makes a great deal of money, drives a high volume of traffic to their blog and lives their dreams through blogging, rest assured this individual helped many people generously for a period of years, well before the money and traffic flowed in, in all cases.

Generous people tend to succeed in all walks of life, devoting themselves to their craft through persistent practice and by consistently rendering helpful service.

Free givers rock.

This is why being generous is a successful blogging fundamental.

Promote Fellow Bloggers

Promote fellow bloggers freely.

Give up your Twitter stream or Facebook profile once in a while.

Be generous.

Build your blogger friend network.

Have fun serving other bloggers, helping them grow their blogging businesses.

Making friends with successful bloggers is the direct way to build a successful blog. Having 50 people promote you to their large, targeted followings is the easiest way to drive traffic and profits, versus you trying to promote yourself only to your following.

Generously promoting other bloggers through social media and via quick mentions on your blog builds bonds and leads to that mass promoting effect which expands your digital footprint.

Be Generous with Free Content

Be generous with free content you offer through multiple online channels.

Create videos on Periscope, YouTube and Facebook.

Sure you could hit one platform. But why not spend a few more minutes daily generously sharing your insights on all 3 networks with a live broadcast?

Write robust, thorough blog posts. Publish podcasts.

Offer advice freely on Facebook Groups and Google Plus Communities related to your blogging niche.

Being generous with the free content you share feels fun, rewarding, enriching and you betcha it helps you make more money now and in the future.

All because you did not hold back and instead helped folks from an abundant, prospering energy.

Be Generous with Premium Content

Just because you accept money for premium products and services doesn’t mean you should meter out your service and products.

Be generous with your courses, eBooks and services.

I help clients with a generous spirit, often going over my hour long booking if my schedule warrants.


The more generous I am, the more fun I have creating premium products and services and the more money I make in the long run too.

The money is extra, or a bonus, or icing on the cake.

The prime joy rests in being generous, having fun helping folks and giving of my time and talents.

Cut those Strings

Struggling bloggers regularly ask “What’s in it for me?”

All interactions have strings attached.

This conditional, fear-based mindset leads to endless struggle and failure because you miss this core fundamental of successful blogging.

Help folks without looking for anything in return.

If you are generous persistently, a neat thing happens: your blogging business grows.

If you help clients generously and aid readers through your generous, helpful eBooks, all aspects of your blogging business grow over time.

All because you cut the strings.

Your Turn

How are you being generous with your blogging campaign?


I filmed a short video explaining this concept of generosity.

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