1 Warning As Your Blogging Presence Expands

I want to warn you about something.

As your blogging presence expands you need to be alert.

You will be required to display energetic posture, picking and choosing opportunities carefully.

Example; I have gobbled up a handful of neat ventures, interviews and other opportunities recently but also released a handful of deals too.

Just a few hours ago I had to let go an opportunity to be interviewed by a well known entrepreneur with a huge list because I would be required to make income claims.

I have never made one income claim on Blogging From Paradise because I choose not to appeal to skeptics, doubters, lazy or greedy people.

No biggie letting go the interview now – I’ve had practice doing so – but as a newly emerging blogger I felt highly uncomfortable saying “no” to such opportunities because I felt like I was missing out.

Now I know better; being true to your blog and brand helps you succeed quickly and avoid headaches while less clear, easily swayed folks delay their success and run into resistance left and right because they have the posture of an earthworm with no core strength.

Be True to Your Blog and Brand

Be true to your blog and brand at all times.

Be forewarned though; as you become more well known in your niche people will present you with a wide range of potential partnerships, interview opportunities and all types of possibilities.

Sometimes you will find people who fit your brand message. Good deal.

Other times, people may ask you to do things that don’t fit your brand.

In these moments you need to let go what doesn’t match your brand message to make room for people and ventures that match your brand message.

Never sacrifice what you value for anyone or any possibility.

Don’t Sell Out

Don’t sell out.

Most bloggers obsess over working with well-known bloggers with big email lists or large social followings.

A few clear bloggers have energetic posture, only partnering with people who share their values, independent of the size of their followings.

Don’t sell out.

Only partner with people who align with your brand.

Beware Attaching to People or Numbers

Beware attaching to people or big numbers.

I appreciated the opportunity I received earlier today but don’t depend on people or numbers to succeed. I have built a rocking life for myself and I have inspired my readership to live their dreams by managing my energy, by believing in abundance and by not seeing any one person or any one opportunity as the lynch pin or difference maker.

In the video below I film the San Remo and the Kenilworth, 2 of the highest end apartments in NYC and the world. Famous actor Michael Douglas has lived in the Kenilworth. If you recall his Oscar Winning role in the movie “Wall Street”, young Bud Fox – played by Charlie Sheen – notes how life comes down to a few opportunities, and his meeting with billionaire investor Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas) was one of those opportunities.

This is not true.

Life is an endless flow of opportunities for you to seize and use, or for you to release.

By releasing opportunities non resonant with your blog you find the fun, freeing opportunities that promote your success.

Good Matches Will Flow Your Way

Every time I release on a non match I let in a number of perfect matches through my blogging campaign, whether customers, clients, interview requests, new blogging buddies, features, or other rocking opportunities.

Be aware; if you let go opportunities that don’t align with your brand you will easily and quickly find opportunities that do align with your brand.


I filmed a video on Central Park West in the gorgeous Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Check out some of the most expensive real estate on earth and an important blogging message as you become more successful:

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