How to Add Flair to Your Blog





Adding a bit of something-something to your blog makes you stand out from the blogging crowd.

I have been featured on a few world famous sites because I developed an authentic, colorful blogging voice at Blogging From Paradise.

Leave the boring, hum drum, bland blog posts behind.

Add flair to your blog by following these tips.

How to Add Flair to Your Blog

Practice Writing 1000 Words Daily

Write 1000 words daily just for practice.

Writing regularly improves your writing and blogging skills.

As the self-conscious tension of writing dissolves in your being you will add some flavor to your blog posts.

I have written thousands of words daily for years. Far and away, this has been the most simple way to spice up my blog posts.

Write in Your Voice

Follow tip #1.

This happens more seamlessly.

Write in your voice. Add your secret sauce to your blog posts.

Writing in your voice is the fool proof way to stand out in a crowded blogging niche. But it takes courage and clarity to write how you speak, to add personal stories to your blog and to do so persistently in a world of bloggers who enjoy mimicking each other.

I remember to write how I write every single time I publish a post to my blog to add flair to my blog posts.

Following this tip is highly uncomfortable at first because you probably feel self-conscious or outright terrified to write how you speak. Maybe a militaristic grammar teacher drilled writing rules into your mind in high school or college. Maybe you see successful bloggers who follow a more structured, formal writing style and believe mimicking these folks is the only way to succeed.

I can assure you; I am writing these words from an apartment by Central Park West in NYC doing a rocking house sit because I wrote in my one-on-a-kind, authentic writing voice. I stepped away from the herd. I wrote how I spoke. I added my colorful travel stories to my blog.

Sure as heck didn’t hurt me, writing in my voice.

Follow Colorful Bloggers

James Chartrand.

Will Hatton.

Mars Dorian.

Each colorful blogger inspires you to tell stories through your blog.

I have not followed Mars or James for years. But this shows you how vivid story tellers with flair make a firm impress on your memory.

Both bloggers came to mind when I dwelt upon bloggers who inspired me to blog from a first person, dramatic, story-telling type perspective versus the hum drum 3rd party narratives we often see in the blogging tips niche.

I have followed my friend Will for years. His detailed recounts of some absolutely wild travel experiences are legendary.

Follow these bloggers. Subscribe to their blogs. Learn the art of story telling from masters.

Oh yeah; if you love a fun, or death-defying, Netflix worthy travel story – or 10 – check out my travel posts themed page on Blogging From Paradise:

Blogging From Paradise Travel Posts

Read Colorful Fiction Authors

Focus heavily on authors who weave vivid tales.

I prefer authors like George R.R. Martin, Lee Child and Nelson DeMille.

These brilliant writers appeal to your imagination, inspiring you to add flair to your blog posts.

If you read authors with vivid imaginations you will feed off of their creativity. Ride this creative surge and inject fascinating, detailed stories into your blog posts.

Read at least 30 minutes daily to spice up your blog. Learn from the greats how to add flair to your creations.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

Are you having a tough time adding flair to your blog posts?


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