10 Powerful Fundamentals of Blogging

Simple is powerful.

Complex is weak.

As I release my new blogging eBook today:

10 Stupid Simple Fundamentals of Blogging

I want to dissect these 10 fundamentals to cut your learning curve, to help develop your patience and to inspire you to enjoy the blogging ride.

Follow the fundamentals. Persistently apply powerful, proven strategies to create your blog on a rock solid foundation and to live your blogging dreams.

1: Know Why and Make it Overpoweringly Freeing

This tip is the difference maker.

Blog mainly to have fun and to free yourself.

See money and traffic and fame as extra, or bonuses, or as icing on the cake.

This helps you focus on learning and practicing blogging so you can build a thriving online venture over the long haul.

2: Create Multiple Forms of Content to Appeal to a Large Audience


Live broadcasts.

Text-based posts.

Use a few forms of content to appeal to a large audience.

People have their preferences. Some of my readers prefer my audio books over eBooks, or dig my podcast over my videos.

Serve readers through multiple online channels to expand your reach far and wide.

3: Connect through Email

Foster intimate, 1 to 1 bonds through email.

Email top bloggers from your niche. Ask how you can help these individuals. Be generous.

The bonds built through personalized emails can create the foundation for a rocking blogging campaign.

4: Target 1 Reader

Stay on topic.

Avoid straying off course.

Be a specialist, not a generalist.

Successful bloggers give their attention and energy to doing 1 thing, so they do that one thing incredibly well.

Struggling bloggers try to be a jack of all trades and master none.

5: Speak Your Story Every Single Freaking Blog Post

Your personal story makes you stand out in your blogging niche.

Tie some personal experience into every post you publish on your blog.

Don’t be shy.

Draw analogies between your story and blog post to become memorable in your blogging niche.

6: Monetize with Authenticity

Monetize your blog without manipulating people.

Be authentic.

Stress the benefits of buying your products. Help people for free. Then call readers to hire you.

Sleep well at night. Boost your blogging profits over the long haul.

Monetize with integrity.

7: Foster Relationships through List Building

Build friendships with your readers through list-building.

Tap into this convenient medium through which you share value and your community receives value, at the click of a “send” button.

Email marketing is the most convenient form of marketing on earth. Use this resource to your advantage. Build your blog on rock solid fundamentals.

8: Gab on Relevant, Authority Blogs

Guest post and publish effective, thorough blog comments on top blogs from your niche.

Guest posting and effective blog commenting spreads your name far and wide. Super for increasing your exposure.

Help audiences. Provide value. Make friends. Create offsite to expand brand awareness and to become a known commodity in your blogging niche.

9: Promote the Stuffing out of Like Minded Bloggers

Promote other bloggers freely.

Make friends.

Your friends promote you, expanding your presence online.

This easy, powerful traffic and profit boosting technique will accelerate your blogging success like few other practices.

10: Pay Someone to Handle Stuff You Wish Not to Handle

Pay someone to handle jobs you have no interest working.

Not a web designer? No problem. Pay someone to handle web design on your blog.

Or buy a premium theme.

Or purchase tools to leverage your presence.

Spend money to handle the stuff you like not doing to free up your time for what you love doing.

How could I write and publish so many guest posts if I was spending hours tweaking my blog design? I have my developer handle that stuff.


Watch the video from NYC as I discuss this concept:

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