How to Increase Blog Traffic: Quora

Quora is a well-known Question and Answer platform through which you can drive blog traffic.

Tap into a high volume of targeted people who want specifically what you have to offer on your blog.

Avoid spamming, share value, be persistent and you will attract readers to your blog through Quora.

I see comments from readers who note how they found me through my answers on the platform.

Follow these tips to drive blog traffic through Quora.

Browse Your Niche

Don’t waste time outside of your category.

Outside of the odd answer not aligned with your niche spend virtually all of your time answering questions related to your blog topic.

I answer questions related to blogging since Blogging From Paradise sits in the blogging tips niche of blogs.

Whatever your blogging category simply spend time answering questions related to this area.

Quora offers a wide range of sections through which you can establish your expertise.

Hang where your readers are. Answer their questions. Become an authority in your blogging niche by generously offering your knowledge through valuable answers.

Answer Questions Thoroughly

This is a critical tip.

Sometimes when I am a busy bee with guest posting and blog commenting I pop in and out quickly but usually spend at least a minute answering each Quora question in thorough fashion.

Write a 2-4 paragraph, helpful, valuable response filled with practical tips.

Create a bullet point list or simply publish a step-by-step answer on the network.

The more helpful you are the more traffic you will receive.

Feel free to volume answer questions but do not sacrifice quality.

No need to create a War and Peace length response every time. Just be thorough, be helpful and over time a steady flow of traffic will find your profile and click on your blog link, boosting your blog traffic over the long haul.

Sometimes it helps to write a guest post sized offering that gets shared in the Quora newsletter. The most viewed users often publish these robust, in-depth, detailed updates from time to time to solidify their top dawg status.

Personalize to Pop

Personalize answers to pop.

You may note the Quora user’s name.

Address them by their first name to become memorable.

Memorable users tend to get more clicks on their links because appreciative Quorites will want to learn more about that thoughtful guy or gal on the network.

I noted an uptick in profile views since following this simple strategy of personalizing answers.

Mindfulness prospers.

Think of it this way; it takes literally 2 seconds to note and mention someone’s name via a quick “Hi Ryan” hitter leading off the post. Don’t you think it’s worth the 2 seconds to stand out from a crowd of other Quora users?

Be Persistent

As of this writing I have received 132,000 views on my Quora answers.

That’s a lotta eyeballs.

Rest assured, I have spent almost every day of the past 7 months answering blogging-related questions on the platform.


Over time, you will see commentors on your blog mention how they found you through Quora.

Create value persistently. Draw in steady blog traffic through Quora over the long haul.

I set aside 10 to 30 minutes daily to work the network, answering questions from the common queries about driving traffic and profits to more specific questions that require greater thought for proper answering.

Show up daily. Flash in the pan types disappear swiftly but the most viewed users tend to show up daily to share their wisdom with inquiring minds.


Watch this video as I explain how to drive blog traffic through Quora:

Your Turn

Are you on Quora?

Are you driving blog traffic through the platform?

What tips can you add to this list?

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