7 Tips to Make Friends with Influential Bloggers

Everybody wants to befriend influential bloggers but few know how to go about bonding with blogging big dawgs.

I want to share 7 tips to help you build meaningful, lasting, prospering relationships with the most successful bloggers in your niche.

When you get these down cold you will see increased blog traffic, greater profits and even more prospering opportunities opening up for you on the horizon.

Let’s dive into the 7 tips.

Practice Your Writing Skills

I hate to say it; if you follow the remaining tips but ignore this tip you will struggle to impress influential bloggers.

Being generous is not enough. Being skilled is the difference maker to make inroads with successful bloggers because they tend to befriend folks with similar skill levels. Birds of a feather do flock together.

Write 1000 words daily in a Word document for practice. Trash the document. Find your blogging voice. Write with clarity and confidence.

Mention them on Your Blog

Mention top bloggers on your blog. Give them props. Successes will gravitate toward you.

This is a fish in a barrel easy way to draw rocking bloggers your way. Just make sure to tag them on social media and email them to alert them.

Comment on their Blogs

Write 3-4 paragraph, helpful comments on top blogs to make inroads with successful bloggers.

Personalize comments.

Sign off with your name.

Thank your fellow blogger for sharing their insights.

Posting helpful comments on Blogging Tips is a prime reason why I was invited to guest post on Zac’s rocking blog. This is a major league door opener, guys and dolls.

Promote them on Social Media

Promote top bloggers on social media.

Help them out via a retweet, or perhaps a Facebook Share, or maybe a LinkedIn Share.

Generously promoting any blogger through social media lays the seeds for a potential friendship.

Tag these blogging big dawgs on social media to alert them; set them up to receive more followers, friends and blog traffic by mentioning them on Twitter, Facebook, G Plus and LinkedIn with a tag directing your social media buddies to follow the link to their profiles.

Tagging top bloggers after mentioning them is an easy way to get on their radar. Not only did you spread their word on social but you also tagged them, enhancing their promotion and increasing their blog and brand awareness.

This is an easy way to lay the foundation for a prospering friendship.

Ask How You Can Help them Via Email

Sometimes I send personalized emails to top bloggers asking how I can help them.

Maybe I can review an eBook of theirs. Or perhaps I can tweet one of their latest blog posts to my 52,000 followers on Twitter.

Whatever help they need, I do my best to assist them. This is an easy way to bond with blogging pros because influential bloggers showed the same generosity as they moved up in circles, and gravitate toward bloggers who remind them of themselves.

Be of service. Even if you have 3 visits a day to your blog, the happiest, most successful bloggers on earth appreciate a mention or retweet or eBook review. Top bloggers tend to remember and gradually befriend individuals who help them out in any way possible.

Gobble Up Interview Opportunities with Established Pro Bloggers

Check out this fun interview I did with my friend and successful blogger Alonzo Pichardo:

We talked about the fundamentals of successful blogging.

Peep the video count.

In a little over one week, the video has received over 32,000 views. Toss in the 42,000 views our prior chat registered and over a 4 week stretch our 2 video chats have tabulated 70,000 views.

Heady stuff.

Gobble up opportunities to interview top online entrepreneurs or to be interviewed by these pros. Only good things will flow out of helping each other because your friendships will strengthen and you will also benefit your joint readerships.

Help, Don’t Ask (At least for a Few Months)

This is probably the best tip for really rocking out your blog; help pro bloggers, and don’t ask anything of them, at least for a few months.

The way to impress and befriend a top blogger is to serve them. Servers stand out from the crowd. Generous bloggers stand out from the crowd. People who beg and ask and demand and desperately plead – aka the majority of bloggers online – only wind up in the spam queue, their emails junked in more cases than not.

Spend time giving, serving and helping top bloggers. Be patient. Eventually, many of these bloggers will befriend you, promote you and endorse you, as your writing skills improve and as your commitment to your craft pays dividends.

Your Turn

How are you building friendships with big dawg, successful bloggers?

Please share your tips below.

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