1 Tricky Blogging Income Secret

My blogging income did not grow until I learned to let go.

Letting go old, tired, worn out or vanishing blogging income streams is the secret to establishing new, profitable, prospering income streams.

Few bloggers appreciate or even uncover this secret because fear clouds their minds, evaporates their vision and mucks with their blogging income in more ways than you would ever believe.

I know. I was one of those guys. But I learned my lesson. Eventually.

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The Tricky Part

Most bloggers attach heavily to one or two blogging income streams. These are known as the meal ticket streams, meaning, income you heavily rely upon each month. Whether it’s freelance writing, blog coaching or web design freelancing, you make a huge mistake by latching on to these streams like a baby clutches its rattle.

Attaching to one or two blogging income streams blinds you to other blogging income streams. When you have outgrown a stream – trust me, it will happen once or many times during your blogging career – you will grab even more desperately at the income channel instead of letting it go.

This is what happens when bloggers mistakenly speak of income streams “drying up.” Not true. Said bloggers simply missed the warning signs and refused to open themselves to new, profitable ways of earning money through blogging.

My Journey

As I noted receiving income through a variety of new or relatively new income streams recently I pondered on how it happened. How did I earn through these channels? I let go other income streams quickly and seamlessly to see these opportunities around me.

If income streams I released opened up again, great. Good deal. But if not, I had already established 1 or more streams through which I was learning and steadily earning. I had to let go the streams which had dried up in order to see the fresh, free flowing streams.

Think of a river analogy; instead of bemoaning the dried up riverbed in front of you, walk your rear end through the area to find a fresh, free-flowing, vibrant stream to quench your thirst. Cursing Google, a client who has different needs or who has simply moved on, social media algorithm shifts or the economy at large is as ignorant as cursing a stream that had dried up during dry season.

Everything occurs in seasons.

Even if your income steadily increases over time the acceleration is not linear, or uniform. All proceeds in ebb and flow fashion, with tiny increases here, a pull back there and maybe a big increase as you progress, income-wise.

Practical Tip

What blogging income streams that you work seem tired, old and worn out to you? Either the profits have already dried up through these channels or the income is gradually lessening. Or maybe your income is still flowing in yet you feel disillusioned, worn out, or tired and sick of this stream. Which has happened to me a few times during my blogging career.

Let go the old and worn out. Make room for the new, profitable and exciting.

Learn how to work intriguing income streams from seasoned bloggers who earn money through these channels. Buy an eBook. Purchase a course. Hire a blogger to coach you. Make an investment in yourself and your blogging income by learning from pros who successfully monetize these channels. Cut your earning curve by years.

This seemingly simple technique to the abundant-feeling blogger is a secret to bloggers operating from a place of desperation and fear. When you see the fruits of your income stream detachment habit take form, this gives you confidence and clarity in letting go to grow your cash flow in the future.

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