How Does Your Morning Routine Affect Your Blog?

I recall waking up, prepping 2 bagels for consumption and turning on Sportscenter to ready myself for my 9-5 job some 20 years ago.

Sometimes I tossed in the regular news to stay abreast of national and world wide developments.

I admit it; I was a dope. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows. I filled my belly – which is OK – as I filled my mind with fear-based news. Negative-driven news. The specifically-engineered to scare you into watching news.

No wonder I worked a job I hated to create a life for myself that I didn’t want to live.

Fast forward a few decades. I am an island hopping pro blogger who has circled the globe for the past 6 years, living in places like Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica for months at a time.

My morning energy routine had as much to do with this seemingly miraculous shift as much as any one activity in my life.

I decided to meditate as soon as I woke up. I also added yoga and an icy cold shower to my morning regimen as I got clearer on my direction.

Instead of filling my mind with fear, doubt and worry by watching the news after waking up, I rooted out many of my fears and replaced these feelings with love and fun and happiness by following my self help morning ritual.

Why This Morning Approach Works

The second you give all of your attention and energy on waking toward raising your energy to a space of love and fun you will pursue love, fun and riches in all areas of your life. Personally and professionally. You will start your blogging business or maybe you will put the pedal to the blogging medal, doing creative, valuable things on the blogging front, from the right energy, for 8 to 10 or 14 hours daily.

When your morning routine changes your energy, your actions and results change.

How you choose to start the day influences your day, and the choices you make. I worked a 9-5 job I hated to work and lived a life I did not enjoy living – apartment, 9-5 job, only free on weekends – because I filled my mind with images of fear, lack, limitation and failure. Feasting on the news fed this fear and fueled my failure to live the life of my dreams.

Following sports news in the morning may not have influenced me as negatively as the regular, grim headlines but I’d have been better served to take care of my mind and body on waking.

Meditating and jumping into an icy cold shower and doing yoga helped me face, feel and release limiting beliefs which increased my happiness and overall online success swiftly.

Heck; I chose to run an online business and to start a blog in the first place by changing my daily habits, diving into a persistent morning self-help regimen which helped create the person you see today.


I enjoy taking an ice cold shower for 30 minutes daily. After learning how world-renowned leaders like Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss took an ice shower or ice bath after waking up I added this energy elevator to my personal development arsenal.

Watch the video as I explain how the cold shower bit affects your blog.

PS….if you have a heart condition or have a few years on the average blogger – ok; if you are a senior citizen – speak to your doctor before doing the cold shower routine.

Your Turn

Do you follow a morning routine to raise your energy? Why? Why not? What do you do to start your day? Are you meditating? Exercising? Stretching? Or watching the news?

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