1 Analogy That Inspires You To Buy Blogging Products

I see many people excited to buy blogging products and services.

Some spend money freely and easily to accelerate their blogging success.

A portion of folks though have problems spending money on premium products and services to become a successful blogger. These bloggers would rather not spend money, adding years to their learning curve.

If you are in this lot peep this analogy to learn how you can buy blogging products and hire bloggers for their services:

The Credit Card Analogy

Do you have a credit card with a cash back bonus?

For every purchase you earn a percentage of money. The credit card company literally pays you to spend money. Sweet deal. I know someone who flew first class from NYC to Uruguay for $5 USD due to all of the points he accumulated on his credit card. In essence, he earned a boatload of cash back by spending freely with his credit card.

Take this attitude toward buying products and services. See the return on your investment. You will be earning cash back on the courses or eBooks you purchase. Maybe within the month. Maybe within 10 days. Either way, the money will flow to you over time. Cash back purchase. Spending money to make money.

This basic idea seems foreign to most bloggers whose minds are mired in doubt, skepticism and fear. You may be one of those folks yourself. If so, embrace the idea that money spent now on a premium product or service yields a litany of rewards over the short and long hauls.


  • increased traffic
  • increased blogging profits
  • increased comments
  • increased social shares
  • a larger, more prospering friend network
  • all forms of success

The returns flow in after you decide to purchase, study and use the eBook or online course or after you hire the coach and follow their advice. But you need to see and feel the immense benefits of buying a product or service before spending money.

If you can see it, you can be it. Meaning, if you can see the sugary sweet benefits of buying and using a blogging course you will be or experience the benefits one day.

Long Term Vision

The cash back credit card analogy depends on you having a long term vision for your blog and life. Some human beings live in survival mode. Mired in fear and doubt, this crowd sees only how they can survive today. Money spent is not an investment for the future; it is merely something you lost today, just to stay alive. This line of thinking is a full 180 from bloggers who have a long term vision.

The long term bloggers easily see how an investment made now will yield both near and long term benefits, financially and otherwise.

Think of how exciting it feels to spend 10 bucks or 100 bucks or 1000 bucks knowing the credit card company will pay you money just because you spent money? Feels awesome, right? Feels super duper abundant.

Now think about applying the same mindset to your blogging learning library. Imagine how nice it will feel to receive money for spending money on products and services and learning from those products and services? Amazing, right?

Make the shift. Dive out of your comfort zone. Reach that turning point experienced by all established, professional bloggers. See buying and using blogging products and services like spending money on cash back credit cards. If you purchase the goods and use as instructed you will earn money in the near and long term.

Making this shift dissolves the emotional charge of loss – when you spend money – so you can release money freely to accelerate your blogging success.

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