8 Dangerous Assumptions to Make about Successful Bloggers

I am super excited to release my new blogging eBook.

I wrote this bad boy after seeing many talented but mislead bloggers struggle like a fish flopping around on the concrete.

Flashback; I recall seeing sardines flipping and struggling and gasping for air on the sidewalk in Istanbul, Turkey. Tough to watch. But in the same regard, it is just as tough to watch struggling bloggers being bound by invisible handcuffs. Which is why I wrote:

8 Dangerous Assumptions to Make about Successful Bloggers (eBook)

This read can help you let go excuses you make based on untrue assumptions, so you too are free to enjoy the sweet taste of blogging success. Once you see that pro bloggers are not lucky, nor did they have connections or talents or blogging skills before blogging, you can release these excuses and give yourself permission to succeed.

On to the 8 lies…I mean, dangerous assumptions 🙂

1: Successes Are Trust Fund Babies/Rich *Before* Building their Blog


I was heavily in debt before I became an established, pro blogger. Many successes find themselves in the same blogging boat, struggling to make money without much of a financial cushion.

Few bloggers are trust fund babies. Few bloggers have financial support from parents or friends. Let go this idea. Immediately.

2: Successful Bloggers Are Lucky

No. They are not lucky. Luck does not exist.

Successful bloggers followed their passion, developed blogging skills through persistence practice, created value and built connections by helping pro bloggers. No element of cosmic chance was involved.

3: Everything Comes Easily to a Successful Blogger

Nope. I struggled like hell to develop my writing, on camera and monetizing skills, before everything came together.

Let go this assumption. Follow your fun. Put in the time. Everything will come easily to you, in due time.

4: Successful Bloggers Are “Naturals”

Creating 3,000 plus videos made me a natural on video. I did not exit the womb with charisma and on camera skills. I practiced. I got clearer. I became more comfortable on camera.

5: Successful Bloggers Have Friends in High Places BEFORE Building their Blog

I was not connected before blogging. I did not know what a blog even was. Hell no, I had no clue what bloggers were, so I obviously knew no bloggers.

Stop assuming successful bloggers were connected before blogging.

I connected myself to rocking blogger by generously promoting them and by commenting on their blogs for weeks, months and years.

6: Successful Bloggers Are Always Happy

Not true.

I had some big ups and downs over the years.

Although I am a happy guy almost all of the time now, I have sad moments. I am human. All bloggers are human. Don’t believe it is easier for bloggers to succeed because they are happy all of the time.

7: Successful Bloggers Never Run into Obstacles

Successful bloggers usually run into bigger obstacles than everybody else. But said successes are comfortable with being uncomfortable, and also patiently develop the skills to handle any obstacles, knifing through resistance like a hot knife through butter.

8: Everybody Loves Successful Bloggers

I wish it were so. But of course, successful bloggers have unclear fans masquerading as critics who do a fine job trying to rile rocking bloggers.

Don’t make this excuse because it sets you up to fail. Like all of these untrue assumptions. You may figure a harsh critic or 2 will derail your online career, unlike rocking bloggers who only have rabid, raving fans. The pros of the blogging world simply do a better job ignoring critics than the less successful lot.


I explain why these 8 dangerous assumptions will kill your blogging career in this short, 3 minute video.

Few human beings have the clarity to make untrue assumptions about successful bloggers without turning the assumption into a crippling, untrue excuse.

Watch the video as I explain:


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