1 Tip to Bring You Blogging Success

As I was reading a chapter of 1 of my 126 eBooks I noted a turning point in my blogging career.

This defining moment occurred when I did things mainly for fun and freedom versus blogging from a place of fear.

How many of my past struggles would have dissolved in seconds if I made this shift nearly a decade ago? Who knows? But I spend little time bemoaning the past because all we have is the present.

This single tip helped increase my blog traffic, comments, social shares and profits.

I finally decided to do things mainly for fun, and freedom, versus blogging because I feared running out of something.

1 Successful Blogging Tip

By blogging mainly to have fun and to free yourself you instantly see the work – aka blogging – as the reward. All else is extra. Traffic? Icing on the cake. Profits? Cherry on top. Comments and social shares? Bonus.

This is how a successful, happy blogger thinks; the work is fun and freeing, so the work is the reward. Everything else feels like extra. A bonus.

Successful bloggers become successful because they do fun, freeing and sometimes uncomfortable things which lead to successful outcomes.

Take the nearly 300 posts I have written and published on Blogging Tips. I see this as an incredibly freeing, fun to work platform. I love writing. I love sharing my insight with the world. Even though it feels challenging and highly uncomfortable to write and publish a guest post daily on this blog amid my business work and offline schedule I do it because I picked a fun, freeing intent that guides me to do what I do online and offline.

Chapter 1 of my eBook 10 Tips for Struggling Bloggers delves into picking a fun, freeing driver to knife through your struggles and to set yourself up for blogging success. I discuss how different people have different fun and freeing intents. I see traveling the world and expressing myself through blogging as both fun and freeing. You may envision a different lifestyle as being most fun and freeing to you.

Whatever the reasons, hold the F + F intent near and dear to your heart because it is the energy that fuels your blogging journey.


I filmed a video in New York City explaining why clearing out fear and blogging with a freeing, fun intent dissolves your struggles and brings you sweet blogging success.

Note; I spend the first 30 seconds of the video addressing a cantankerous cat named Baby Gambino, plying him with sweet treats to ensure my safety.

The best way to embody this fun, freeing style of blogging is to address your fears. What do you most fear losing, through blogging? Money? Traffic? Popularity? Or anonymity? Honestly feel those fears through.

Pick a fun, freeing driver to fuel your blogging journey. For me that means traveling the world, writing and helping people build successful blogs.

Whatever that version of fun and freedom is for you understand that your love of freedom must be greater than your deepest fears for you to see blogging progress. Success comes to bloggers who blog not from a dominant energy of fear, but from love and fun.

But to be successful, and to allow sweet blog traffic and profits and comments to flow your way, you need to be genuine about any fears you may have around your blog. I had to face, embrace and release Survival Mode fears – worries about making enough money to eat, to pay rent and to pay my bills – that dominated my blogging campaign before I experienced rapid online growth.

Your Turn

How are you following this tip? Are you blogging because you enjoy blogging? What is your fun, freeing driver?

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