1 Question To Ask If You See Little Traffic And Profits

1 question may be the difference maker in your blogging career.

If you will just ask this question honestly and wait for a clear answer you can turn the tide of your blogging career. Quickly.

I explain in this video from lovely New York City:

Am I Being a Pro Blogger?

I saw a pretty hefty lag time between me being a pro blogger and seeing the results one may expect when he is a professional, full time, established blogger.

I blogged mainly for fun. I created helpful content. I generously promoted other bloggers via Blogging From Paradise, my guest posts and through social media. I was being, thinking, feeling and acting like a pro blogger but had yet to see pro blogger results.

But even though I flipped out here and there, crashing and burning a few times during my professional blogging career, I did not get shaken out. I stuck it out.

Most bloggers aren’t willing to patiently create, connect and practice their writing skills for months or even years of time, when they aren’t seeing pro blogger results. Which is exactly why most bloggers don’t become professional bloggers. Too tied to results. Too tied to outcomes.

The select few blogging big dawgs and other pro bloggers refuse to get shaken out when they work diligently and don’t appear to see any rocking results. This crowd is *being* a pro blogger and doing as a pro blogger does even when little money or traffic flows into their blogs.

They know lag time is inevitable.

Nobody dives into blogging, publishes one post that happens to go viral and makes millions of dollars. The lag time between being a pro blogger and earning a pro blogger income is usually years – like, 2-3 – or sometimes longer, because you need to *be* the person before you *become* the person.

Gary Vee

I recall Gary Vaynerchuk saying how he gets emails from folks asking him how to get featured on the Conan Show or other high profile shows where he appeared. As if a secret recipe exists.

Gary explains how he did over 2,100 interviews on a whole slew of websites. He noted how some YouTube videos of his interviews received 1 view. Some podcasts received a few listens. Some blog posts received a little bit of traffic.

You BE a pro blogger before BECOMING the person who makes a full time income and appears on world famous outlets. I did not get featured on Fox News after publishing 1 blog post. I spent years building my friend network, promoting other bloggers, creating value and practicing my writing skills to build my blog from the inside-out.

Gary Vaynerchuk was being a professional, world-renowned entrepreneur before he became a professional, world-renowned entrepreneur, gobbling up opportunities left and right to help folks, to increase his exposure, to add credibility to up and coming brands, and paying his dues, doing as a pro entrepreneur does, and naturally, he became a world renowned, professional, established entrepreneur.

He was being before he became the famous dynamo you see today.

I too gobble up opportunities left and right to help folks, to have fun, to add credibility to up and coming blogger brands and to increase my exposure for virtually any blogger who wants to interview me or who wants to invite me to guest post on their blogs.

Me feasting on opportunities left and right benefits both parties and is also simply being a pro blogger, acting abundantly, seizing opportunities for growth, for helping folks and for increased exposure.

Even though I have received pro blogger results for a minute I see it as only the beginning, as I make my way onward and upward.

Your Turn

Are you being a pro blogger?

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