1 Venomous Blogging Story You Need to Release

Stories may sell on the reader side of things.

But if you want to build a successful blog you need to face, own, feel and release your own negative blogging stories. The nasty self talk. The untrue garbage. The pure BS. The lies. The wicked little voice in your head telling you what you cannot do.

I filmed a video in NYC explaining 11 negative blogging stories you need to let go to succeed:

I want to dive into one story near and dear to my heart that I noted in the video above.

Nobody Has Bought My Products So Nobody Will Ever Buy My Products

One of my blogging courses accrued a high volume of page views before anybody bought up.

I doubted myself a little bit. Was the product good? Helpful? Targeted? Of course the product rocked across the board. But since nobody bought it a sneaky little idea entered my mind: I felt past performance would dictate future results. Or that since nobody purchased the course for quite a long time that nobody was likely to buy my product.

The little story I told myself began to grow in size and intensity until I moved my attention from perceived past failure to being a present day servant. I stopped worrying about what I hadn’t sold, or didn’t have. I focused on giving and serving.

After making this energetic shift, not only did I sell copies of the course, I also noticed an increase in money finding me through virtually all of my blogging income streams. More clients signed up. I sold more eBooks and audio books and my affiliate earning jumped too.


I focused on giving versus what I perceived to not have.

Or more accurately, I was a servant, instead of a desperate beggar, caught up in the past.

My story changed. No longer was I a failure based on the past. I was a generous, giving dynamo focused on being helpful and sharing value with as many bloggers as humanly possible.

JK Rowling’s Story

JK Rowling pitched her idea for the Harry Potter series of books to many publishing houses before one person bought in to her story. Did the 12 – or more? – rejections indicate that nobody would ever buy into her idea and publish the book? Of course not.

She moved forward not allowing past performance to predict future results. Just like the disclaimer you read in any financial statement.

Evidence of JK Rowling’s persistence is fairly easy to see. She became a billionaire. She also became the wealthiest author on earth. The iconic Harry Potter book and movie series never comes to fruition unless she based her vision not on what people told her, but on her own intuitive pull to follow her passion and to share her idea with the world.

For all the success I have had, I once blogged in a seeming cyber cave. I appeared to be Mr. Nobody from Nowhere. Nobody knew who I was. I published posts for a chorus of crickets. I struggled mightily to get traffic and profits to flow through my blog.

Things turned for me when I chose to be a giver, not a complainer about the past.

Your Homework

Your past lack of sales do not define you. If you genuinely enjoyed creating your products and eBooks, move your attention from what you have not sold to what you can give now. Get busy with having fun helping bloggers, promoting bloggers and being a bright light in your blogging niche.

Your Turn

Do you sometimes find yourself bemoaning a lack of blogging profits? Do you base your future blogging potential on past results? How can you develop a bright, clear blogging vision to move your attention toward giving, not getting?

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