12 Annoying Strategies That Torpedo Your Blogging Success

12 silly strategies may be killing your chances at becoming a successful blogger.

I just filmed a video explaining the 12 tactics; with solutions:

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12 Annoying Strategies That Torpedo Your Blogging Success (Amazon eBook)

because pinpointing and rooting out these agitating tactics can help you accelerate your blogging success. Pronto.

When you cease doing what does not work you can begin doing what does work.

Sound cool?


Let’s dive into the list.

1: Making it Difficult to Contact You….Anywhere

If I cannot find an email or contact page within 1-2 seconds of visiting your blog you are in trouble. A blog is a 2 way street. Not a 1 way broadcasting medium.

Create a contact page. I link to my email and contact page on the home page of my blog. This makes it easy to connect with readers and to partner with fellow bloggers on business ventures.

2: Double Pop Ups (or Pop Ups on Every Single Page Visit)

1 pop up suffices, thank you. Repeating, consecutive pop ups tend to annoy all but the most rabid fans.

Toss in a sidebar opt in form and slider, for when readers scroll down your page. My slider opt in has helped net nearly 10% of my list subscribers.

3: Checking the Opt In Box by Default (ie….Spamming Your Readers)

This is spamming.

Never ever ever check an opt in box by default because once you make a decision for your readers, your emails will wind up in spam or junk queues. Put the ball in your reader’s court. Let them decide whether or not to check a box or sign up via an opt in form.

4: Changing Blogging Topics with the Winds

Stay on topic. Or stray off course. Because readers will head for the hills if they expect you to cover 1 topic and then you turn around to cover another 1 or 5 topics. Folks love specialists. Generalists get “das boot”.

5: Never Ever Ever Ever Acknowledging Your Commentators/Readers/Fans

Answer comments, or emails, or social media requests. No need to answer each one; this would be physically impossible for me. But goodness knows you can at least respond to email or social media engagements for 10 to 20 minutes daily.

6: Ad Frenzy

Stop it with 435 ads on your blog. Annoyance City.

Place a few clear, concise ads on your blog to help readers and to earn steady income as your blog traffic grows.

7: Quadruple Play Slider/Pop In Forms

I once saw a blog with 4 slider pop up forms which came in from each corner of the blog. Until all met at the center of the blog. Crushing me.

This reminded me of the trash compactor scene from Star Wars.

1 pop up will do the trick. Unless you want to make your audience claustrophobic.

8: Generic Email Pitching (the Bane of the Professional Blogger)

Sending out generic, template, cut and paste pitches is a turn off to virtually all bloggers.

Personalize interactions.

I like receiving a personal, concise, 2-3 sentence email stressing the benefits of the pitch for both parties.

9: Persistent Pseudo Spammers

Spamming stinks. On any platform.

Devote your energy to honing your craft by practicing your blogging skills. Create. Connect. Help people.

10: Too Many Calls to Action

Too many calls to action spoils the Conversion Pot.

Make 1 clear cut call to action at the conclusion of your blog post.

11: Promoting Too Many Ground Breaking Opportunities Too Quickly

Avoid trying to promote multiple opportunities at once. Especially when dealing with bigger ticket ventures.

Give readers a chance to breathe. Roll out big online courses or other robust ventures a few times a year.

12: Not Showing Your Face

Nothing is more annoying than wanting to connect with a blogger by seeing their kisser and not finding any selfie or head shot anywhere online. This is usually a warning sign. What does the blogger have to hide?

Your Turn

What annoying blogging tactics have you seen recently?

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