Are You Hacking Your Blog To A Painful Death?

I read an article recently.

I have read about 456 million similar articles during my 9 year blogging career.


Blogging hacks.

The blogger covered a few key hacks aka tips aka techniques to GET as much possible from as little GIVING as humanly possible. Hey; I am all about leveraging. Love it. But in the same regard I understand how giving freely precedes receiving easily. I also know how almost all bloggers who desperately search for these hacks are predominantly blogging from an energy of fear, terror and loss, trying so darn hard to make money or drive traffic.

This crowd is hacking their blog to a painful death.

Watch as I explain in this YouTube video:

Hacking your blog to death means you desperately seek the 1 way, or the quickest way, or the easiest way to manipulate folks by publishing a single, perfectly crafted blog post, Facebook update, Tweet or heck, any piece of content, so you can drive as much traffic or profits as humanly possible through that single update.

Hacking your blog to death is trying to use your blog or social media accounts as a 1 way street, a platform, or podium, through which you publish the perfect post, with the perfect word length and image size and formatting, so a gazillion folks show up, comment on the post, Like your update and buy your stuff.

Hacking your blog to death is frantically gobbling up as many blogging hack themed posts to get the 1 key, the 1 secret, the 1 technique, or the 1 hack to create a viral blog post to solve your problems.

Meanwhile, I am establishing a viral online presence that expands my reach far and wide, while you are whiffing with each post, hacking your blog to death.

The Solution

The solution to this blogging malady is to embrace the fear that leads to your obsessing desperation with trying to find the 1 or multiple hacks that you crave, that you believe will solve all of your problems. Then you can begin to blog for fun, to practice your blogging skills, to create helpful content, to comment on blogs, to promote other bloggers, to make friends, to feature other bloggers and to work persistently, and intelligently, so you can build a successful blog on a rock solid foundation.

Trying to build a successful blog solely through hacks, from a desperate energy, is like building something on a foundation of sand. A house of cards. Even if you had a wee bit of success using such an approach everything crumbles over time.

The viral blog post turns you into a 1 hit wonder. Or you whiff every time you step up to the blogging plate, while other bloggers are creating, connecting, helping folks and doing things from a genuine, persistent space to accelerate their online success.

I once hacked my blog to a painful, bloody death WAY back in the day nearly 9 years ago. I sing a different tune on Blogging From Paradise. I serve. I help. I promote other bloggers. I genuinely want to befriend other bloggers. I practice my writing skills daily.

I do not desperately grab at hacks. I blog for fun, with love. I help folks. Naturally, success flows my way in an expansive way because I am working intelligently and persistently from a higher energy space, leaving the hack-a-thon behind for good.

Your Turn

Are you trying to hack your blog to death? Why are you obsessing over hacks? How can you return to the blogging fundamentals of following your fun, creating and connecting?


I filmed a video a while back to help you create the mindset of a successful blogger. Follow this 1 tip to move away from hacking by vibing higher:

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